I feel although I should write something but I don’t really have anything to write about. Is this the infamous writers block?

Hmmm – OK let me do DUF’s


1. I’ve not been allowed to run since Monday. I can’t run this weekend either and I was supposed to run a marathon tomorrow.

2. The should I shouldn’t I questions racing through my mind regarding the running tomorrow – my leg doesn’t hurt so should I run?

3. Zoe was once again in a very argumenative mood yesterday – she questions everything! Drives me mad.

4. Ordered a new car but have to wait 4 months for it to arrive


1. Thankful that Zoe has such an inquisitive mind

2. Even though I’ve not been running and I’ve been eating more I haven’t gained any weight yet.

3. The Doggy parlour did a brilliant job on Daisy this week and we now have a soft fluffy pooch in the house again.

4. I don’t have to cook tonight

5. Hubby and myself is sleeping over in Secunda tonight.

6. One of the companies I worked on has moved away and I don’t have to do them anymore!

7. Got financing for a new car at prime interest rate!


1. Sleeping late tomorrow morning

2. Should I run or not? 🙂

3. Braaiing with friends tomorrow before the rugby on Loftus.

4. Lazy Sunday with nothing to do

Have a wonderful weekend!

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3 Responses to DUFs

  1. deblet says:

    Yah for new car…pity about the wait…what have you ordered?Enjoy the rugby,we (the Stormers)have a by this weekend

  2. SuritaBotha says:

    I’ve finally decided on the Juke – cute but ugly. Fitted my needs better than an A1, BMW1 or a Mini. Yes I’m all into cutesy cars!

  3. SuritaBotha says:

    It’s only a down because I have to wait so long to actually get it!

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