Hair hair hair

OK this was a long post until I realised that I didn’t change the format to Internet Explorer 7 to add photographs and I then lost everything.

So here is the shortened version.

Thank you for all the lovely comments yesterday.  She was completely happy when I picked her up yesterday afternoon.

I GHD’d Zoe’s hair yesterday evening.  We are all bored because we are not running at the moment and this was a good filler of time.  Poor kid is really “blessed” with a lot of curly hair so a GHD session is a real treat for her.

Piccie of the straight hair this morning, the skirt is because she has ballet today and she insist that she has to wear a ballet skirt.  And yes that freaky looking thing in the left hand bottom corner is my hand – I think!

Then on some other thoughts and ramblings.  Why does people not have any respect for a red light anymore.  I swear it feels although I take my life in my own hands everytime I cross an intersection when the light is green for me.  Goodness don’t we have enough deaths on the roads?

We are running a marathon on Saturday in Secunda – leg is injured so I’m just hoping to finish.  Hubby is hoping for an excellent time because he wants to use it as a qualifier for Comrades.

I just looked at the pictures of that pancake cake of mine – goodness that was an excellent cake.  Will have to do something like that soon!!

Must work!

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4 Responses to Hair hair hair

  1. Squidsquirt says:

    My pet-hate is trying to walk across a one-way street, and STILL having to look both ways, because people are chancers, and drive whereever they choose. All the best for the marathon 🙂

  2. nusha says:

    wow her hair is so long and pretty! does she complain about washing it? with you on the driving thing … its like the first few secs of a red don’t count as a RED anymore cos at least 3 cars will zoom through!

  3. lyndamadd says:

    Sjoe – don’t get me going. Traffic is my biggest irritation (next to bad manners). Zoe’s hair looks beautiful. Lucky you – Jerry still moans and yell when I blowdry her hair, and I’m extremely gentle.Take it easy with the run – if your leg is injured you must REALLY be very careful. Enjoy, though 🙂

  4. AyDee says:

    Thars really pretty hair for a lil girl 🙂

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