Sad mommy moment

What a horrible start to the day did I have today!!

Due to the Cosatu strike, Zoe’s school was running low on teacher assistants and teachers. They’ve put some classes together just to have them all supervised until they could sort out who was coming and not coming. The head of the school was also driving around trying to pick up the people she could make contact with.

So Zoe’s classmates was in a different class with the English children of the same age group. Now normally this won’t be a problem and she would just go in and start playing but this morning was a different story.

She threw a wobbly of note! And she clung to me like a limpit. Not wanting to let go and saying over and over that she wants to go to her own class. I tried to reassure her, the teacher there tried to reassure her, the teacher assistant tried and even her classmates tried but she was having none of it.

In the end I just dumped her in the assistant’s arms and made a beeline out of the school. Now I’m sitting at work and I’m so sad for my curly haired princess and so heartsore that I couldn’t just take her home for the day.

AND now it is so chilli here as well and she was only wearing leggings and a T-shirt.

I’m really feeling terrible and very close to tears, but I know she has by now forgotten all about it and is playing merrily with all her friends.

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9 Responses to Sad mommy moment

  1. kirsten says:

    😦 I hate it when they cling to you as you’re leaving… but I know all the teachers say that as soon as moms have disappeared from view the kids perk up. She will be fine.

  2. Schneeflocke says:

    i know 😦 this happened to me yesterday and a few days last week…after uve left they will forget all about it…then when im home i cannot even concentrate anymore

  3. lyndamadd says:

    Oh that’s just absolutely the most awful feeling. Sorry 😦 And you’re quite right: she has quite forgotten that things are different and she has probably played herself warm. Sending hugs!

  4. deids13 says:

    Nothing worse than having to leave an unhappy child at school. I’m sure you’re right and she’s happy as a clam by now!

  5. Helen_77 says:

    I still think it’s disgusting that teachers feel they are allowed to strike! Am I “otherwise”?

  6. PurpleDiamond says:

    Shame Lotus 😦 Strongs!

  7. nusha says:

    shame man! sorry! HUGS … hope she was all smiles and cuddles when you fetched her …

  8. SuritaBotha says:

    Luckily the teachers didn’t strike – they just struggled to get to work.I’m with you on that though – what type of rolemodel is that for kids?

  9. SuritaBotha says:

    I know all is hear is that little voice crying out to me!

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