Thanks to Deblet for reminding me that I’ve been extremely quiet in the new year.

Well it has been complete chaos – all of a sudden my work has increased about tenfold at work and at home it feels although I’m forever going somewhere to buy something for someone or something!

And the worst of all is that I’ve injured my shin so I’ve been off the road for more than a week now and that is never good for my mindset and frustration levels.  The worse is that I’m heading for a bit of a disaster in terms of my Comrades training.  I was supposed to do about 200km’s in January and I’m now sitting at a pathetic 74.5km’s.  Please do not forget the .5km’s – every inch helps!

What else is going on?

Well they are introducing all the extra mural activities at Zoe’s school at the moment and every day she comes home with a new idea about what she wants to do.  The only thing that really puts her off is drama.  Strange that since she is such a little drama queen! 🙂

Anyway we have now wittled it down to freedance, action ball, swimming (my choice – not negotiable) and ballet.  She also wants to do Cricket and cooking but Mommy’s wallet does not stretch to all those actvities!!  She can cook at home!

Ohh goodness to I have an itch at the moment.  My Honda Jazz is 7 years old – low kilometers and in an excellent condition – really nothing wrong with it BUT I have now fallen in love with the Nissan Juke – I just think it is the cutest car on earth.  I so badly want one – I’ve even been to a Nissan dealership and I’ve applied for finance on the internet.  And that is when the whole dream came apart – firstly they have a waiting list – the first one available is in June!  And then secondly – paying 12% interest and having a monthly repayment just for something that is going to do the same thing than my Jazz?  I think not!  So now I’ve reconciled  myself to the fact that I’m going to really drive my Jazz until the wheels or the doors come off!

However I’ll still have to give this news to Zoe because she is extremely excited about this new car!  I had to laugh at her because when we left Nissan she was very shocked that we were still leaving in the Jazz.  It seems although she had this idea in her head that is like any other shop!  Walk in, buy and walk out with the new stuff!

And now they have Smurfs at Build A Bear!  Ohh dear.  Currently I’m still saying NO – but they are so flippin cute I want one for myself!

OK better get some work done!  Almost year end and I’m behind with all my recons.

Have a lovely day!

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3 Responses to Quiet

  1. Sarchasm says:

    Good luck with the training

  2. deblet says:

    Ai training sounds frustrating…hope all is healed soon.Lo also want sot do all the activities at school…but the cost!I’m also itching to replace my car…not sure with what though.Work sounds busy,no wonder you quiet.

  3. dirksema says:

    You sound very VERY busy. And so does Zoe!Good luck and energy to both of you!

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