Frame of reference

I’m the first one to admit it, but I really do spoil Zoe, I know I should stop but goodness it is so difficult, when the whole world is full of glittery, sparkly girly things!!

So I decided this year that I really do not like the Advent calenders with the horrible chocolates that normally looked although they have melted about 10 times.  So I decided to buy 24 little gifts, wrap it and then she can choose one every day.  Well my enthusiasm kind of dissapeared after about 14 gifts but then I realised that I’ve crossed the rubicon and I better just pull through.  I think the wrapping of all those things were the worst part of the exercise

Now a few things that I do find amazing is that Zoe is really such a control freak – well I can’t blame her – I’m like that as well.  She is insisting on opening all the presents with the same paper together.  So she won’t choose a present with other gift wrap until all of one type is finished.  She also always open the biggest present.  Strange.

Well and now I can get back to my heading in my post.  This morning’s gift was a Hello Kitty watch.  We put it on her arm and the first thing she asks is which button she should press to measure her time when she runs?  Hubby and myself just looked at each other in amazement! This kid is just so brain washed into the whole running and exercise thing.

Last week she told my mom that her arms are looking pretty good and it is because she has been training with weights.  Goodness when I listen to her I do think that we may be a wee bit obsessed with the exercise thing.  However it does not feel like that from where I’m standing

And yes she does have weights – tiny purple ones, so when I don’t have time to go to the gym we each grab our weights and do a few exercises!

And it is weekend and I finally go paid for November but now the office cleaner has broken my Dyson vacuum cleaner and I’m sorry but the company will have to replace that.  Yes we do not have money for a vacuum cleaner in the office so I brought mine in yesterday to clean the carpets.

Ohh isn’t this rain just wonderful!  I love this rain but only for 2 or 3 days, not for months and months on end like in England.

Had a lovely dinner with friends last night, it is always good to reconnect.  Zoe was so funny, normally there is always one friend that she picks as her favourite.  Last night it was L – now L is really not the most maternal of people but here she was holding Zoe on her lap and playing with her.  She was such a firm favourite that Zoe actually cried for her last night when we got home!  Strange child.

Have a good weekend!

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8 Responses to Frame of reference

  1. Sarchasm says:

    Exercise will do her more good than harm as you know

  2. Debra.A says:

    What a special thing to do!

  3. Schneeflocke says:

    you have a Dyson :)wish i could have one too!

  4. bothajs says:

    Kids identify with what they know, like the running and exercising. I bought Minki a set of facepainting pencils and she drew “tattoos” all over her little body to look like Pappa.

  5. SuritaBotha says:

    I agree it is a good thing

  6. SuritaBotha says:

    Thanks Debs – next year I’ll just plan it better

  7. SuritaBotha says:

    I used to have a Dyson – now it is broken and there is now way I can buy one again. They are much cheaper in England

  8. SuritaBotha says:

    Cute! I’m still contemplating the tattoo thing – I just know it has to combine my love for Zoe but also my love for running.

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