40 days!

40 days and we are going away on holiday! Goodness I just can not wait! Just to get away from it all.

However sometimes I do wonder why we are always so excited about holiday? No childcare, no domestic goddess, spending way too mcuh money, spending time with relatives that we normally don’t talk about etc etc. I suppose it is just the getting away from everyday responsibilities that makes us look forward to it.

As you all know, somebody has called me fat a little while back, so now I’m on a drive to get thinner. However I do think she has actually done me a favour. I’m trying to eat more healthy but cutting down on chips and chocolates and I try to eat a salad at least once a day. Well since I’ve been eating more salads my craving for chips is definitely less. I’ve lost about 2.5 kg’s just by doing this and then drinking liters and liters of water.

Ohh and I’ve decided that I want that lovely little round muscles at the top where your arm and shoulder meets. I think that may be easier than getting a six pack on my stomach. So I’ve started this morning in the gym and let me tell you, I can’t lift my arms at the moment – they are actually shaking! Lesson to be learned – there will always be something that you can work harder at.

And then the negative role model – she has now proceeded to swear at me everytime I ask her something. It is a reasonably difficult situation because she is supposed to work for me. Luckily the Human Resources manager heard her do it this morning. However it is extremely akward because she is the boss’s wife.

And then I had such a proud mommy moment over the weekend. Somebody told me that Zoe is such a real little girl and that she is so neat in what she does. Excellent news – I just wish she wants to do that a home as well! 🙂

And then I forgot – from http://www.pinterest.com , I have now discovered Etsy – ohhh dear – only problem there is that you can actually buy the beautiful stuff! Goodbye credit card!

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One Response to 40 days!

  1. deblet says:

    Ah proud moomy moments are great.Yah for holiday countdown…wonder how long it is until our holiday?Sjoe arms will be more eina by tomorrow

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