Another running post.

We went for a run on Saturday morning – all girls and quite early – 6 in the morning. It was actually a bit uncomfortable because we were 6 girls – just like those poor women that was in the accident last week. We spend about 5 minutes discussing which route to take to stay away from busy roads and to stay away from a many cars as possible.

Anyway the last 2 kilometers were on a very busy road and it is uphill and the wind was blowing from the front so we were all going very slowly. However since I do this stretch of road quite regularly I could actually see a difference in the other users of the road. They were definitely giving the runners a wider berth than normal – I’m so grateful for that and I hope it can keep on like this. So sad though that 5 runners had to loose there lives for this to happen.

I wanted to run 15 on Sunday but it rained when the alarm went off and I saw that as a sign not to run. At least I went to the gym twice this weekend and I’m now 2 kg’s down since that stupid woman made that comment about my stomach.

Exactly 2 years ago I decided to do a marathon on the first weekend in November. I was petrified and excited and lots of people thought I was mad and not ready. However I proceeded to run the marathon and to finish it in a respectable time.

This year I’m going back again for my third time and I’m just so casual about it. I’m actually a bit worried because I think I’m too casual – didn’t do much training and I’m just planning to stay on my feet and go forward.

However I’ve now promised to run with a newby who has never done a marathon and I can’t believe how nervous this man is, it is all he can talk about and he made me do him a list with things that he needs before, during and after the race. And he has bought everything on that list. I wonder if I told him that I need a new Range Rover Evoque if he would have bought that for me as well.

Goodness that is one pretty car. I saw one when I had to take the Landy in for a lightbulb change and I’m ashamed to say that I actually took pictures of it. It is still on my phone and every now and again I look at it. However at a price tag of R600K it will always stay a dream!! But a girl is allowed to dream isn’t it?

And today it is the Jazz’s turn for a service. I cringe to think how much that is going to be. Got to think about buying an other car – the Jazz is getting old but the mere idea to fork out R3,000 a month a car makes me want to cry.

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5 Responses to Another running post.

  1. deblet says:

    Ooooh the new Evoque is gorgeous…Hubbie is mumbling about trading my car for one…..wonder if that will happen?They do look very cool,did you see the Top Gear episode where they test drove one?Looked totally kickassGlad the run went well,sure you were all nervous

  2. SuritaBotha says:

    You lucky girl – let’s hold thumbs that Hubby will take the plunge!

  3. deids13 says:

    They had the Evoques at the Motor Show. I must say I did stand and drool for a while!

  4. Squidsquirt says:

    I wish I had the self-discipline to run like that- they say half of long-distance running is in controlling your mind- and you seemed to have mastered it.

  5. SuritaBotha says:

    Strange that you should talk about the mind control thing because that is exactly what I told the Newby – your mind is stronger than your body!

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