Economic freedom?

I’ve just listened to Julius Malema’s speech where he says that the ANC Youth League wants economic, social and political freedom. I just so wish he wants to clarify what he means.

I would like his statement to look like this:

Economic freedom:

1. Jobs for everybody

2. The gap between rich and poor must be smaller – South Africa has the biggest gap in the world.

3. Aid for those who really can’t work

4. Support for the old and the disabled

5. Taxes paid by everybody

Social freedom:

1. The freedom to walk the streets without being scared

2. The knowledge that those that act outside the law will be punished

3. The ability to see a future for my child and myself

Political freedon:

1. Responsibile governing of the land by the government

2. Trust in the government that they are acting in the best interest of everybody from the poorest to the richest.

3. Everybody to have the freedom to vote for who they want without the fear of intimidation

Hell, if he can put a manifest down like this I’ll go and march with him but his statements are all so vague and I just can’t get a handle on what he really wants.

Is there somebody out there that can explain to me? I must admit that I feel really ignorant at the moment because I just do not understand.

Actually I suppose I can say the same about the people outside Wall Street. They are all against capitalism but isn’t that what America stands for?

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7 Responses to Economic freedom?

  1. MrNosferatu says:

    His vision of economic and political freedom sees him at the top of the food chain throwing scraps down to all who helped him get there.

  2. deblet says:

    Think jobs for everyone is a fair way to start…at least then everyone is contributing to society and not waiting for handouts

  3. PurpleDiamond says:

    I should probably shut up about this… but he wants to scoop off the cream while the rest take the dregs at the bottom and be brainwashed into being happy that ‘someone’ is looking out for them…

  4. Ladee says:

    I actually started a post on this earlier but deleted what I wrote… I’ll do a post on this when I can sit down with a glass of wine & a cigarette and rant & rave till I’m blue in the face.

  5. Squidsquirt says:

    Politics is a complicated language often only understood in retrospect. I wish I knew the answers, too!

  6. bothajs says:

    Only Julius will know what he wants, but I like what YOU want, you should “run for office”. 🙂

  7. SuritaBotha says:

    At least I would be able to get from JHB to PTA in one day on my own two feet! Hee hee

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