Advice I didn’t listen to

I had to drive to Roodepoort this morning to go and see the auditors – goodness gracious – I thought I gave myself ample time by leaving an hour and 15 minutes before the time but I was really just in time! Didn’t even have time to touch up on the lipstick or put cream on my hands!

Anyway that time on the road made me think a lot about my life and where I’m now etc. Believe me I’m quite content and happy with my life even though it is not the life I thought I would have.

So here are two pieces of advice (grrr – is this with a s or a c?) that my clever 18 year old self received and did not listen to:

1. The way he treats his mother is the way he’ll treat you when you are married

2. Don’t study a degree, study a degree that translates directly to a job.

I do wonder how different my life would’ve been if I’ve listened to that advice (again s or c?).

And then I have this recurring dream about my house and I would discover rooms in the house that I didn’t know about, in particular this fantastic kitchen and then I’ll always be upset with myself for not finding this earlier and using it properly.

However last night this dream had a new twist to it. I’ve discovered that people has actually moved into this lovely hidden part of my house and now I’m even more upset because now they use this fantastic kitchen.

Hmmm – makes me wonder what is going on in my subconcious.

Have a lovely day. Lots of work

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5 Responses to Advice I didn’t listen to

  1. Ladee says:

    You spelt it right. Advice 🙂 Definitely sounds like your subconcious is working overtime. I hope you sort out whatever is on your mind. Be happy 🙂

  2. Helen_77 says:

    I spell advice (raad) and advise note, like when someone delivers something on an advise note.Aaah, all the advice we didn’t use, but we have to make our own mistakes to learn from them

  3. nusha says:

    traffic is HECTIC isn’t it? i drive from Roodepoort to Randburg every day and loathe sitting in the traffic! its two different words … spelling of advice is spot on. advise is said with a Z sound and its like when you advise someone on how to do something eg. I advised her not to go that way … as opposed to giving or receiving advice (with an S sound) … this is how I understand it anyway 🙂 wow … really does sound like your sub-conscious is working overtime 🙂 hope you’ve had a good day too …

  4. bothajs says:

    Had to laugh at your dream – what ever is going on in our minds to dream such nonsense at times. Like me dreaming about another blogger (whom I’ve never met!!) who had twins (in the dream, she doesn’t have twins in real life) and she kept them in a cage in the kitchen (!!). And fed them table scraps (!!). Sheer WTF-ness!

  5. Squidsquirt says:

    If only I’d listened to all that sensible advice, too… I’ll just have to content myself with giving it to my children, and hoping they don’t ignore me!

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