Our hair

Minki’s post about the long hair and the wig made me think about our relationship with our hair.

Zoe’s hair is an absolute integral part of her identity – ok the poor kid is blessed or is it cursed with the family trait of thick thick hair and also lots of hair. To compound the problem her hair is also very very curly!!

As an example of how thick her hair is, I made 3 pigtails with her hair this morning and each pigtail is easily the thickness of her cousin’s hair when all the hair is in one pigtail.

I’ve never cut her hair properly since she was born, only about 3 trims and her hair is now hanging on her bum. The mere thought of cutting it, makes me cringe. OK it is a lot of work – all those knots and tangles but to see her with those curls jumping around when she dance or run makes it worth it.

She is also getting very particular about the style of her hair and each morning it takes ages for her to decide on the hair bands and the colour and the size and all the other accesories.

My relationship with my hair has always been a total hate relationship. My normal hair is salt and pepper and curly and extremely frizzy. Luckily due to technological advance and a very kind friend I now have a Brazilian blow-out which makes my hair straight and frizz free and currently it is also completely blond.

Everytime I pay the hairdresser I do wonder why it is acceptable for men to have salt and pepper hair and look distinguised but we have to colour and change because we just look plain old and scruffy with the salt and pepper hair.

Here is a picture of Zoe with yesterday’s hair style


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7 Responses to Our hair

  1. deblet says:

    OMW her hair is beautiful.LO has the same ‘caterpillar’ leggings,she loves them and wears them often

  2. SuritaBotha says:

    Leggings are the only thing Zoe will wear – sometimes with a skirt over it but absolutely nothing else.

  3. deblet says:

    LO wears hers with shorts too….looks very cool

  4. PurpleDiamond says:

    She really does have the most beautiful blonde curly hair!

  5. SuritaBotha says:

    Thank you Tourmaline – I hope she would like it as well – you know how we are – never satified with what we have.

  6. SuritaBotha says:

    Thank you Mrs C – yes I got a big talking too this morning because I wore a skirt without leggings and according to Zoe it is not the way to wear it!

  7. Squidsquirt says:

    Lots of hard work- but it looks like she loves her thick hair 🙂

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