Part of my pregnancy story…

Goodness a whole week since I’ve posted, work is really keeping me busy.

Reading the blogs of pregnant ladies and the ladies that has just given birth has made me think about my pregnancy 5 years ago.

Goodness I do wonder sometimes of my severe independence will not be my downfall one day.

We were living in Durban when I fell pregnant.  Hubby then found a job in Johannesburg and moved to Johannesburg when I was about 24 weeks pregnant.

I lived on my own and I drove to work which was 50 kilometers away all on my own every day.  Ohh yes and during this time I also had a smash and grab where I jumped out of the car and chased the grabber – did not catch him though – I suppose it was lucky because what would I do with him once I had him?

During this time I also managed to sell our house and during the start of my 3rd trimester we had to move all our stuff out of the house and up to Johannesburg.  I drove up to Johannesburg with  my two cats in the car to get them settled in the new rental house.

OK – here I must admit that my mom almost had a heart attack when I told her that I’m planning to drive up to Johannesburg on my own.  So she flew down to Durban and drove up to JHB with me. 

Two days later I drove back down to Durban, once again my mom couldn’t allow it and she drove back down with me and flew back to JHB.  Keep in my mind that I did all the driving, my mom was just the passenger.

I worked until the Wednesday, I drove up to Johannesburg on the Thursday, once again my mom came to join me as a passenger and we went shopping for all my baby stuff on the Thursday afternoon.  Went to the gynae for my check up on the Friday and he said that Zoe will be born on the Monday because she was such a big baby – that was on week 37!!!  The rest of the Friday I cooked about 10 meals to be frozen to be used during the first days after Zoe’s birth.  And the Saturday and Sunday was spend getting Zoe’s room ready for her – moving boxes, hanging curtains etc.

Two weeks after her birth I decided that I can’t stay in the rental house any longer and I started to drive around the neigbourhoods looking for a house to buy.  The faces of the estate agents when I got out of the car and taking this tiny baby out of the car was just absolutely priceless.

So  now I wonder do we just adjust to our circumstances and do what we have to do and what other people allow us to do or am I just too independent to ask for help?

Ohhh and by the way – Zoe’s 2nd weekend in this world we went away for a weekend to Dullstroom!  No wonder this child can’t sit still for a moment.

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6 Responses to Part of my pregnancy story…

  1. deblet says:

    My word you were a busy bee while pregnant.I also didn’t sit around after LO was born,she was at her first hockey match when she was 4 days old!

  2. PurpleDiamond says:

    LOL wow just reading this post made me tired… What a busy bee you were!

  3. hopefulmom says:

    Wow, you were busy. I had to move our company the week before Precious was born. It went well – nobody dared to cross the VERY pregnant dragon lady!

  4. SuritaBotha says:

    Ohhh I know everything about being the pregnant dragon lady – people used to hide from me! 🙂

  5. SuritaBotha says:

    Poor kiddo! 🙂

  6. Squidsquirt says:

    Good for you for taking your new baby out with you. They’re stronger than we think, sometimes..

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