Feel like Helen_77 today

Goodness so many thoughts flying through my head today.

So sad to hear that our big friend has been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.  I’ve written about him before but I’m really just too lazy to go and find the blog now.  I know it is his own fault for being seriously overweight but it is still not nice to realise that your life will never be the same again.  I really really do hope he can stick to a plan to stay healthy.

Goodness my negative rolmodel is driving me mad!  She has not been in the office for 3 days  now – no warning, no communication – just gone.  And then this morning the sugar and milk was finished – the one job she still has – ensure that all the condiments are here to make coffe.  Let’s just say that my quota of swearing for the year has been exceeded and I had to go and buy the stuff.

Well I took the long way and ended up at the mall where a spot of retail therapy and some Nando’s made up for the irritation.  I’m sure I’m going to have buyers regret sooner or later but it is a rather lovely dress I bought and it was from Mr Price so it was cheap cheap.

Goodness gracious – the people at this new mall in Brakpan is – wait let’s be politically correct – they are very interesting.  It seems although shoes are actually optional when coming to this mall.

Christmas presents for Zoe is now sorted and I’ve bought her birthday present as well  – her birthday is only in January but I find the shops in January very empty so it is better to do it early.  Credit card looks horrible but hey at least it is not all one shock in December. 

At least the Christmas present situation will be much cheaper this year.  After last year fiasco with family I’ve decided that I’m only buying for Hubby, Zoe and my mom.  The amount of money I’ve spend on the other people will go towards spoiling ourselves.  It adds up – 7 people at R200 a pop!  That is a lot of money! It is halfway to a nice Kenwood mixer.

I covet (is that the right word and the right use and spelling) a Kenwood mixer – I do all my baking with a little hand mixer and to be frank I think this thing is now finally tired – I can actually smell the burning of something inside when I use it.

This afternoon I’m making cinnamon buns for the Friday cake day at work.  I actually wanted to bake a chocolate cake but the people at work begged me to bake cinnamon buns.  But I want chocolate cake!!

I suppose I can always drag Zoe to a Mugg and Bean this afternoon and get a piece of chocolate cake there.  However at R27 a piece I can almost bake a whole cake for that price.

Hubby is back from Morocco tomorrow but I don’t think I’m going to see much of him this weekend with all the rugby on and tomorrow he’ll have to catch up all the reruns of reruns of rugby shows and rugby matches. 

Didn’t go running yesterday because it looked like rain and I don’t have a babysitter at the moment.

Goodness now that I think about it – our group of friends are a bit ill at the moment – of the 7 core members, 2 are in hospital.  Not good!  And I think I need to go to a mental hospital for some rest and relaxation!  🙂

Over and out – going home now and on the way I’m going to play something very rebellious like Nirvana or something on the radio really loud and shake my hair around.  Feels like that today!

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8 Responses to Feel like Helen_77 today

  1. Sarchasm says:

    Make the cake. I bet it tastes nicer too. 🙂

  2. bothajs says:

    Oh you know you are going to make the cinnamon buns AND bake a yummy chocolate cake. Be there elevenish?

  3. youunlimited says:

    Sorry to hear about your friend. I’ve heard that type 2 diabetes can be corrected with diet so I hope this is the case with your friend.Good on you for your early start to Xmas shopping

  4. sharonsmit2 says:

    Every year I threaten to start with Xmas shopping early…yet I still end up on the 23rd or 24th still looking for pressies! 🙂 Lol@ barefoot shopping! Make Cinnamon buns for the office and the chocolate cake for home – more for you to savour on the weekend!

  5. SisterP says:

    Please share cinnamon buns receipe:) (make it for a first time baker) Tx!!

  6. LinFlin says:

    We visited tonight. He will be discharged tomorrow. Hy is baie bleek, maar andersins ok en ons was heel “civil” gewees met mekaar. Het selfs gesit en kuier! Vir langer as ‘n uur.

  7. nusha says:

    sjoe! Christmas shopping already? Impressive! Hope you got to have some cake … bought or baked, good cake is good cake and i LOVE good cake! 🙂

  8. Squidsquirt says:

    You’re well prepared- I normally end up shopping on Christmas eve, despite telling myself every year to buy months in advance.

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