It boggles the mind

As you know from a previous post I’m working with a girl that I’ve now named my negative rollmodel.  Everything she do and say and the way she acts, I strive not to do or to do the complete opposite.

So she has now been complaining about her car for about 6 months.  It is all she can talk about and every Tom, Dick and Harry that comes into the office must listen to her stories about her car and how she wants a new car and how old and “vrot” her car is and how her husband can’t afford to buy her a new car.  And the poor husband is the owner of the company.  Why can’t she find a proper job and buy her own car but I suppose that is their domestic arrangements.

All I wanted to do was to walk up to her and tell her that she should be grateful that she has a car and that most of our population will never ever own a car in their lives.  Well yesterday her husband relented and told her she can go and buy a new car.

And guess what she is complaining about now.  How small the new car will be and how it is the only thing they can afford and how bad the stress is of organsing the loan, the insurance and the maintenance plans etc etc.

How is it that some people are just never satisfied, happy and grateful? 

I honestly believe that you can make a choice to choose to put a positive spin on your life.  I really really do hope that I can always manage to do that.

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7 Responses to It boggles the mind

  1. colleen_figg says:

    she sounds like a total downer. my word I think I’d rip her head off if I had to put up with that day in and day out! Give her a piece of your mind!

  2. PurpleDiamond says:

    OhMyWord…She needs a healthy smack from reality!!! A PK, as we Afrikaans people refer to it… How can a person be so ungrateful??

  3. sharonsmit2 says:

    Oi…must be hard not to say something you might regret! Some people are born to moan about EVERYTHING!

  4. tammyn says:

    Sjoe, I would go crazy with someone like that in my office! I totally agree with you!

  5. deblet says:

    Clearly she has nothing better to do than moan!

  6. deids13 says:

    Oh my hat that would drive me insane. I would love to get my own car, sharing is a pain. Some people are so ungrateful.

  7. Sarchasm says:

    Sounds like a professional moaner. Leave her to wallow in her own self pity

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