Lots of thoughts running in my head!

Well I just lost my whole post but at least I managed to put a picture of my brand new tekkies I got from Adidas on the blog.  Aren’t they pretty?  It seems like such a shame to actually run in them especially since they are off road shoes which means they are going to get full of mud and dust and gunk and water.  Well I better do at least one off road run in them since Adidas want some feedback on how the shoes run.

I had to drive all the way to Woodmead yesterday to pick them up.  Isn’t the traffic on that side of town completely crazy?  I can’t believe I actually used to drive to Sandton everyday.  All of a sudden I’m so extremely grateful for my 9km commute every day!

When I got to Woodmead I had about an hour to kill and I went to the Value Centre there.  I really did a bit of impusle buying and I really really regret spending money on clothes I don’t need.  It is all very nice but I don’t need it. Well it taught me a good lesson to be more prudent and less impulsive next time.  I really have buyers regret.

Ahhhh  Zoe was so sweet yesterday.  The school handed out packets as a bit of marketing for a party business.  In the packet was 2 cookies which I saved for Zoe.  When I fetched her yesterday afternoon I gave it to her and explained to her that it is ladies who bake cakes and make up party packs for birthdays.  Her response was that we don’t need them because I bake her cakes and pack her party packs.  After she finished the cookies her verdict was that my cookies are better.  Aaahhh I better enjoy it while it lasts because I’m sure once she hits the teenage years I won’t be her hero anymore.

And while I’m on the Zoe subject – thank you so much for all your lovely comments on the photo I posted of her yesterday.  As lovely as she is on the outside so much lovelier is she on the inside.  She is really just a joy to have around. 

Tomorrow is a trail run in Pretoria and then we are picking Hubby up from the airport – I hope he realises that he’ll have to sort out the swimming pool and the fishpond tomorrow.  And I hope he remembers the airport gift for Zoe!  She is so used to getting something from him when he goes away and he is really at his wits end because there is only so much you can buy at airports!

Sunday we are having friends over for breakfast while the rugby is on.  This is after we’ve done a run around the zoo.  and obviously we are running with the new pram on both days. 

And then just a random question:  Why do you need scissors to open the packaging on a new pair of scissors – doesn’t it defy the purpose? 

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2 Responses to Lots of thoughts running in my head!

  1. tammyn says:

    Great update! LOVE the tekkies!Yayy! for hubby coming home :-)Have a fab weekend!

  2. deblet says:

    Cute takkies,pity they will get dirty

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