Symbiotic South Africa

It feels to me althought I’m really spending a lot of time thinking about the situation in South Africa at the moment. I think it is because I see so many people around me that has to spend their old age with children and grand children living in other countries far away from them. It makes me so scared because I really do not want to be so far away from Zoe and her children on day. Shouldn’t I just bite the bullet now and move away and at least then I know that we can all be together but then again what about my mom?

Anyway, thinking about this has made me wonder what the impact will be if we should move and emigrate to another country. Firstly I think about our maid. She supports all her children and all her grandchildren. They all live somewhere close to Harrismith and she works in the city. I think at last count she was supporting about 10 people. We do pay her way above market value and she lives on our property for free. So if we leave 11 people will be without income and our maid will loose her home.

The gardener, he works for us on Saturdays, once again he is paid way above market value and as far as I know he supports about 4 other people. What he earns from us is his only income. Another 5 people without income if we leave.

That is a total of 16 people without income if we should leave and we are really just middle class South Africans. Do we need them to work in our house and our garden? I don’t think so but it does make life easier and when we came back from England we did decided that we’ll give back to the community by paying good salaries for the people that work for us. However it does not stop at salaries does it? There is also the food and all the clothes that they get. But I do that with pleasure.

Then think about the tax money. We pay almost the maximum in tax. If you take what we pay in VAT as well I think it is easy to say that at least 60 cents of each rand that we earn goes towards the government. What I want to know though is how much of that 60 cents do I get back?

Maybe 10 cents if it is that much? We pay for our medical, we save for our pension, we pay taxes on petrol for the roads, we pay tollfees for the roads. We pay for our own house and we pay for our child’s education. So that leaves the government with about 50cents of my money to go towards other people’s houses, education, pension, upkeep fo the roads and government grants and let’s not forget the massive bail out money to Swaziland.

So in reality 50% of the time that I work, I work for the upliftment and the well being of the South Africans in this country that does not pay tax or does not work. And let’s be honest, it is not just South Africans but rather all of Africa that ends up in South Africa.

How can this be sustainable? How can this go on? Is it really a situation of give and take? My maid works and I pay her, the gardener works and I pay him. But what about the other millions that I also pay if you take all my tax money? How do they repay us, by rape, murder and pillage?

I don’t know. Somedays I just do not see how it can go on like this.

And then just a disclaimer – all these figures are just how I think it is, nothing has been actually verified.

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7 Responses to Symbiotic South Africa

  1. Sarchasm says:

    Moving to another country does not guarantee that your children will stay with you after they’re married

  2. SuritaBotha says:

    That is very true Sarchasm but I suppose the odds are better in a country with better prospects for our children.

  3. Sarchasm says:

    True. Mine have Irish passports but haven’t used them yet thank goodness

  4. Pizzicatto says:

    It’s a big worry for me as well. At the moment we won’t leave as all of out family is here, my only plan so far is to make sure that my boys have the best possible education, so that if everything comes down around us, they will have options.I’ve also stopped reading comments on any news24 articles. I found that made me even more depressed and worried.

  5. LinFlin says:

    Africa is a tough country! Alles is die wet van Transvaal…

  6. SuritaBotha says:

    I makes me depressed as well. My main concern is for Zoe but for now I suppose we’ll stay put as well

  7. SuritaBotha says:

    It is beyond difficult.

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