Exercise and the weekend

Exercise wise I had an extremely good week last week – without trying very hard I ran 50km’s in total last week AND I went to my dancing, laughing class at the gym. So I’m feeling quite happy with myself on the training front.

Well I better get going with the running – the Wild Run starts on the 22nd of September and then it is 112 kilometers in 3 days. I’m so scared and so excited about this adventure. I spoke to a guy yesterday at the Old Ed’s race that did this run last year and he was still on a high about it – he just says that it is the best thing he has ever done. And he told me to stop worrying about my fitness because I would be able to do it with my current level of fitness. As he says – a Comrades runner can do anything else if they put their minds to it. Let’s hope he is right.

Hubby and myself started to look at the list of stuff that we still need to get for the Wild Run and there is still a lot to buy and to get ready! The biggest expense now will be a camel back and bladder – I know that sounds terrible but it is basically a backpack with a reservoir in for water. Looking at around R500 so I suppose it will be water and bread for us again for the rest of the month.

Talking about food – I just saw Chef Dom’s blog on Food 24. He is saying that it is possible to feed a family of four on R350 a week – however this is only for 5 meals and when I sat down and worked it out, it came to about R70 a meal. I think that is actually quite a lot for a meal. I don’t know, am I wrong?

OK Zoe eats like a bird but I’m sure Hubby makes up for her small portions, he exercises every day and basically eats one meal a day and that is dinner and then he eats A LOT. I normally buy packets of meat at the butchery that is around the R25 mark and then I stretch the meat with carbs, sauce and veggies (well ok to be honest – the veggies are only for me and sometimes Zoe). However I still think that for R70 a meal you can have some very good, very nice meals. I find the other stuff expensive – the milk and the cereal and the jogurt etc etc. I think that makes a trolley of groceries expensive – not the actual dinner stuff.

And then back to the weekend’s exercise. Saturday was a race in Pretoria 15 kilometers – I was taking it very easy and very slow because I knew I was going to do another 21 on Sunday. At one stage I ran next to a fellow club member and I could see he was taking some serious strain – I decided to stick with him and I talked and chatted and pointed out lovely trees, houses and dogs next to the road. Anything to take his mind of the pain and agony of finishing when there is nothing left in the tank. And it worked – he thanked me at the end for pulling him through.

Sunday – same story – started to run with a guy from a club in our town and this guy was very brave before the race telling me that he want to do a sub 2 hour half marathon etc etc. However it was his first 21 ever and I knew the course was not easy. I allowed him to stick to me and at about 13 kilometers into the race I could see this man was taking serious strain. I started up my mindless patter about everything and anything and the lovely trees full of blossoms next to the road etc etc and before he knew his ears were ringing from all the mindless chatter but he finished his first 21 and he was still standing! Ok our time was horrendous – 2:30 but hey he did it and I got a good workout spending time on my feet.

And now you may ask – why do I do it and why don’t I just run and get the race over and done with. And here is my answer – when I started to run, people would run with me and talk to me and encourage me or just be quiet next to me and support me whenever I was running a new race or a new distance and that help was enormous and helped me through to get to the fitness levels I am at now. And now it is my turn to pay it forward. Hell I can even remember swearing at a guy when I ran my first 32 km and he just laughed it off and kept running next to me!

I’m now helping the new runners to make their distance or achieve their goal and hopefully next year they’ll help another new runner and so on and so on. And this will help more people to fall in love with exercise and create a healthier happier society.

So here is my offer to anybody in the Gauteng region. I’m prepared to run with you at a race whenever you want me to. I can meet you there and run with you – any distance, any time and hopefully I can convert another person to running and more importantly a healthier lifestyle.

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4 Responses to Exercise and the weekend

  1. Kasc says:

    Thats really great of you. If I was a runner I would take you up on the offer!

  2. SuritaBotha says:

    But Marmalade that is the beauty of it. None of us where runners when we started.We all started with a 4km and huffed and puffed and hobbled for a week afterwards because of lactic acid build up BUTwe preservered and now we love the pain and the huffing and puffing!

  3. Kasc says:

    I am more of a swimmer – have done long distance swims. Hoping to start that again after the baby is born.

  4. SuritaBotha says:

    Wow – that is amazing! I can’t swim one lenght in a swimming pool.Your must have the most beautiful muscle tone in your arms!

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