White girls can’t dance

It normally takes me about a year to get over the shock and forget about the previous experience and then I would try it again and once again remember why I stopped doing it.

This is very criptic but what I talking about is classes at the gym. I have absolutely no rhythm and my co-ordination is absolutely shot. All I can do it run – my legs and arms know only one rhyhtm and one set of movements!

So after last years Zamba class I decided to give classes a rest. The Zamba class was a complete fiasco and even the instructor laughed at me – well not all was lost because my stomach muscles got a good workout because I laughed at myself so much. So actually it was good for the soul as well.

So last week Monday whilst working out I looked at the class being presented and I thought I can do that – there is no music and they work out with all the equipment. Well I joined on Monday night and guess what – there was music and there were moves that I can’t even begin to describe let alone do.

And then the thights I had on was too big. Being as stingy as I am, I thought that the large thights on sale at Sportsmans Warehouse for R100 can’t be that much bigger than the mediums not on sale and costing R250!! So I bought the large and it kept falling off. ALL THE BLOODY TIME.

So here I was trying to keep my pants in a modest place AND trying to get these freaking dance moves to work for me and every time I look around I would see Hubby sitting on some piece of equipment whiping the tears of laughter from his face. Yes he was watching me the whole time.

Well never mind I survived an hour of dancing, squats and lunges. Although I did forget that I was planning to run 10 km’s on Tuesday morning with Zoe in the pram!

So off we went on Tuesday morning to run – bright and early and goodness gracious was I in for a rude awakening. Even Zoe said at one stage – “Mommy nothing is flat on this route, it is either steeply up or steeply down”, and yes it was a nightmare run.

I staggered to the finish in a time of 93 minutes, normally it would take me about 68 minutes to do a 10km with the pram so it was extremely difficult and today my bum and my thighs are extremely sore and stiff.

HOWEVER even though it was difficult and it took me forever and I am sore today it was still so incredible to run. Let me assure you that I was no Nike advertisement because I had lank, dirty hair, my eyes were burning from the sweat streaming into my eyes, I was tired, I was wearing my club vest which is not the most fashionable thing in my cupboard but it did not matter. I don’t have to look like the girls running in Nike ads or the girls on the front of the Runners World or the Shape magazines.

I was outside, I could hear the birds singing, I could feel my muscles work and strain to do what I want to it to do but most importantly I was spending quality time with Zoe. There were no distractions, no TV, no household chores. Just the two of us chatting and discussing the things around us and her telling me every now and again that she loves me. Can any mom ask for a better way to spend a morning?

Ohh and by the way – I went for another run on Tuesday night – 4km’s, just because I want to spend time with my friends and because I wanted to inspire them to run and YES I’m going back to that class on Monday – the instructor promised no dancing and I think it is good for me to get out of my comfort zone and do things that I’m not used to – get some other muscles working!

Exercise is great even if it is painful and hard at times. Give a try!

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4 Responses to White girls can’t dance

  1. Blikskottel says:

    Actually my daughter has proven that dance thing wrong…2 silver medls at SA chaompionships proof this. Enjoy the exercise, it afterall good for you.

  2. SuritaBotha says:

    Wow that is amazing! Maybe I just can’t dance because my body is too used to the rhythm of running!Any exercise is good excercise – even if you don’t do it perfectly.

  3. Kasc says:

    Wow I really admire you.

  4. SuritaBotha says:

    Thanks Marmalade but believe me – I’m doing what everybody else can do as well. I just know that exercise is so good for my mental well being.

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