Piccies – at long last!

Ah ha – I got it – I managed to download a piccie!  This is Daisy on one of our trips out of the gate at home with her in the car to prevent her from running away or getting under the car’s wheels!  I just think this is too cute for words.

Here Zoe is fast asleep – all the exercise that we are doing to keep Daisy busy is paying off in the Zoe department as well – she is sleeping like a log and is falling asleep earlier and earlier every evening!!

Zoe and Daisy on their first walk together!!

Self potrait – Zoe took this herself with the cellphone (I still don’t know if it is my cellphone or hers! 🙂 )

The post waxing lyrically on and on about exercise will have to wait – I’m just too excited that I managed to load some piccies!

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10 Responses to Piccies – at long last!

  1. EEVD says:

    Lovely pics!

  2. PurpleDiamond says:

    Gorgeous little girl and I just love the pic of Daisy driving! 😀

  3. parent24ed says:

    Miss Daisy Driving!

  4. SuritaBotha says:

    Great minds think alike! That is how I posted it on FB!

  5. SuritaBotha says:

    Thanks Tourmaline

  6. SuritaBotha says:

    Thank you Mrs C

  7. ebonyandivory says:

    Aaaw super duper cute, the both of them. Love the pic of puppy driving. lol!!

  8. shazdart says:

    Gorgeous Zoe!! Well now Daisy, how clever are you doing the driving! Thanks for the pics. xx

  9. LinFlin says:

    Te cute! Ek le in die bed met varkgriep. Dis horrible!!!

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