Exercise – ohh dear…

Hubby came home early yesterday and asked me if I want to go to the gym. My answer was naaaahhh, I’m too lazy now. He looked at me although I have spinach stuck to my teeth or even my nose. I’m sure you know those looks – kind of – which planet are you from. And then very gently he asked me (yes I could hear him thinking – this may not be a good idea but I must) – “Don’t you want to exercise anymore?”

And it hit me like a hammer – yes I’m actually getting out of the routine of exercise. Granted it is cold and I can’t run because my mom is not at home to watch Zoe and I don’t really like going to the gym just working on my upper body. I want to work on my legs as well and up to now that was not possible because of all the damage done during Comrades. And I can basically see the germs float around in the gym – they must absolutely love the hot humid conditions there so I’m paranoid about picking up some kind of germ in the gym.

And then I hopped on the scale and ohh goodness – yes I can see I’m not exercising! And then I had a proper look at my legs this morning – ohh yes the winter clothes may hide it but I definitely loosing all those lovely muscles in my legs.

So even though I don’t want to go to the gym for various reason I’ll have to do it. I want to run a half marathon on the 7th of August in the Kruger park and I better be able to put up a good fight or is that flight if a lion decided that I look like a tasty morsel!

And then something so silly I don’t know if I even want to mention it.

Why do I feel like such a fake wearing my Comrades branded clothes? When we go to the gym I feel too self conscious to wear these clothes – not because I’m not proud of my achievement but because I always think that people will think that I’m wearing my husband’s T-shirt. Yes I know it is silly and I’ve worked for that T-Shirt but I always think that I don’t look like a runner that can do those type of distances. So I’ve tried to convince hubby that we should wear the same T-shirts to gym because at least then people can see that I have my own but Hubby thinks that it is a completely crazy idea to wear the same T-shirts. Ohh how bad is that self image hey?

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2 Responses to Exercise – ohh dear…

  1. SuritaBotha says:

    I know I shouldn’t care about the other people in the gym but you know what it is like in the gym – lost of people go there to see and to be seen.

  2. Kasc says:

    I am also very self conscious about what I wear to gym – you should see the looks I get when I walk through the gym to my yoga class with my pregnant belly showing!

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