Now what?

I’m bored – I’ve been at home now for 3 hours and 45 minutes and I don’t know what else to do – I really really do need to work.

OK I must admit Zoe is at school and Daisy is asleep so that leaves me with a lot of time on my hands.

I’ve finished the beanies for LinFlin’s kids, I have a cake in the oven, and I’m now waiting to drizzle it with lemon sauce and then ice it.  I’ve done a load of washing, picked up all the stuff from the floors and made breakfast for myself.

Now I’m watching TV, reading Kindle and scanning the blogs and I’m still bored!!!

Maybe I should try and  make that blouse I saw on Pinterest yesterday.

PS – Don’t tell anbyody but I even sneaked a little morning snooze!!

And then two questions for you clever people

1.  My hands are in a state – dry from all the handwashing and the skin actually feels thin – what home remedy can I use to make it look better?

2.  Does anybody have a redundant running pram in their garage or know of somebody that has one?  I really desperately need one for Zoe – her is just too small for her now.  I’m prepared to pay for it.

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7 Responses to Now what?

  1. tammyn says:

    wow, you get A LOT done in 3 hours! lolIf it were me, I’d do NOTHING. Just relax for a change…My hands were exactly the same about a week ago. They even bled on the knuckles from being so dry! Then I tried Ingram’s Camphor cream & magic they are back to being fabulously moisturised again! My Gran believes in Camphor cream but the smell sometimes gets to me – not anymore! LOL

  2. SuritaBotha says:

    Camphor cream – what a brilliant idea – once the cake is out of the oven I’m going to get some from Clicks.I also thought that I’ll just do nothing but it seems although I’m incapable of doing that!

  3. AyDee says:

    Sjoe – you have been a busy bee

  4. crey says:

    It is great to have some alone time :)!For your hands: Mix a bit of Aquas cream, Bio-oil or baby oil and sugar in your hands. Rub hands together for a few minutes, rinse and put on some hand cream on. It will be smooth, flakey free and very soft :).

  5. mamasnich says:

    I used to pour cream (vaseling intensive care) in to two small sandwich bags and then put my hands in them and soak them for a couple of minutes. That used to help with the dry skin.

  6. youunlimited says:

    Gumtree is great for second hand things. For hands exfoliate dry skin with aqueous cream and a spoon of sugar mixed in. Makes hands feel devine.

  7. Sarchasm says:

    I suffer from dry skin all over. Ingrams cream champhor or plain works for me. Persevere it won’t happen overnight

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