To dog or not

Zoe is petrified of dogs. Whenever there is a dog nearby she’ll climb the closest adult like a tree! It is a bit annoying and I also think it is really going to hamper her social interaction when she is growing up because she won’t be able to go to people with dogs.

So I suppose the solution is to get a dog.

However – I’m not really fond of dogs. I find them slobbery, attention seeking, begging savages! And they are dirty and they shed hair and they leave pooh all over the garden. However I can see the beauty in them and I do admire that they can be a man’s best friend IF and that is the big IF – you have enough time to spend with them.

It is also a very long term investment – dogs live until they are about 18 years old and by that time Zoe would be finished with university and out of the house. Well that is our plan. Her plan is to become a Bulls Babe, drive a pink Land Rover and stay with us forever!! 🙂

So I’ve now been thinking about how we can incorporate this dog into our lives (ohh bugger – confused again with the v and the f – please humour me!). So I’ve been thinking about a dog that is small to begin with and can then grow with Zoe. A guard dog and then also a dog that can run with me to guard me whilst running and to be a bit of a companion.

It seems although a Border collie may be the one to go for.

However – the question remains – do I really really want a dog because lets face it – ultimately the dog will be my responsibility.

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6 Responses to To dog or not

  1. seanwilson250470 says:

    There’s just something about owning a dog that makes a family complete – Border Collies are loving and energetic dogs

  2. TheAfricanNewsferret says:

    A border Collie is your answer. Socialisation of the pup is a must and your vet can advise you where dog trainers (include handler training) closest to you are. As a matter of fact even before you get the pup find out where such training is and take Zoe there. It will show her dogs also have “human” traits of friendship and love.

  3. PurpleDiamond says:

    Border Collie sounds good… but get it small, as you say so that she can grow with it. The dog will be your responsibility yes, but as Zoe grows, it will become hers. The dog will also become hers (I hope, if she gets over the fear!!)

  4. mamasnich says:

    I was seriously terrified of doggies right up in to my early teens. I think this stemmed from my father’s family not liking dogs much, in fact they never liked them at all. Later on in life I grew up to enjoy them. How do you react to dogs when you are around them and does Zoe see this? Sometimes it could be your reaction that could also determine hers.

  5. Kasc says:

    Having your own dog really makes a difference. My fear of dogs disappeared when we had a dog and came back when he was run over.

  6. LinFlin says:

    Go for it. Maar as julle kan, moenie ‘n teef kry nie. Hulle is meer geniepsig as ‘n reun.

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