I dream

I dream of:

Bare toes with toenails painted all the colours of the rainbow

Legs that are smooth and moisturised

Arms that are lightly tanned

Feminine sandals

Light airy dresses with shoulder straps

Feeling my hair on my shoulders and my arms

Necks free from the weight of scarves

Bodies that are light and easy to move without the burden of too many clothes and coats

Warm sunshine on my face

Trees covered in light green baby leaves to welcome summer

No more vests

No more stockings

No more heaters

No more bringing in wood and building a fire

No more doing 3 loads of washing a day

Fresh light salads

I dream of summer and the joy of feeling alive.

Aaaannnnnnddddd BUMP

Back to reality and winter.

Man ohh man it is cold. I realised today that I must’ve been quite strong in England – I dragged my long double breasted heavy coat from England out of the cupboard this morning and after about 15 minutes my shoulders were actually getting tired from carrying the weight of the coat. Amazing, in England I used to walk to work – about 2 miles away with the coat on and a hat and scarves and gloves and high heel boots and it was all a breeze. Now I’m not so strong in that department.

Our workers are still on strike and they march up and down Atlas road the whole day. Everytime I hear them approach I’m scared and I wonder if shop stewards and the union representatives will keep all the members in control. I also wonder of our little company is going to survive this strike – things are hanging by a thread as it is and this may just be the straw that is going to break the camel’s back.

I’ve started to knit the two beanies for LinFlin’s kids and it looks so nice. I can just see those two angels with the beanies on – I just hope it is finished before winter is over.

Reading back over my list of things I miss in summer actually made me realise how incredibly ungrateful I am. It is cold BUT I’m warm and I have a warm (OK warmish) house and warm clothes and enough food and therefore winter is not too bad. I can just imagine what it is like for all the poor people out there living in shacks without warm water or heating or even enough food. I am an ungrateful cow!

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7 Responses to I dream

  1. parent24ed says:

    Apparently it’s due to warm up in the next few days.

  2. LinFlin says:

    Ek hoop dit word warmer die naweek want ons gaan op vakansie, Dikhololo toe! Dankie vir die Beanies wat jy brei! Jy is die Coolste Tannie Zoo!

  3. shazdart says:

    Hope that you are safe in the office and that your little company can survive the odds.I feel so ungrateful sometimes as I see all the people out in the cold with no roof over their heads. It is very sad. xx

  4. SuritaBotha says:

    Lets hope ParentEd!

  5. SuritaBotha says:

    Mrs C -things got bad after this post but I’m now home and not going back until things calm down

  6. SuritaBotha says:

    Thank you Shazzie

  7. AyDee says:

    Happy knitting! Those beanies will certainly be well worn in this cold

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