Hobo day

During school holidays Zoe’s school try to make it more fun for the kids. Therefore they have something special going on each day. Yesterday they had to take oranges to school to have a peeling competition and today is hobo day.

Since I forgot the oranges yesterday and had to beg some from the other Zoe in Zoe’s class’s Mom I thought I better make some effort for today’s project.

So yesterday I scratched in her cupboard until I found some clothes that is not pink or purple and is just a wee bit too small for her. I cut some black patches from an old T-shirt and sewed it onto the clothes and then the wonderful brainwave. I took a piece of charcoal from the fire place and started to dragged it all over the fleece I wanted Zoe to wear. Well great idea – the fleece had black marks all over it. There was just one small technical problem – the coal was still warm and the fleece started to melt! Goodness gracious me and did it melt fast – within the blink of an eye the whole thing was full of holes. Well even better for the hobo look. Next I found a black beanie and I thought that will now be a great hobo outfit for Zoe.

Ha ha ha ha – and so the all best laid plans came to nothing. This morning when we started to dress her she burst into tears and said that she does not want to be ugly and dirty and can she please just wear normal weekend clothes. Well I was in complete agreement with her. I also do not want to be dressed ugly and be dirty.

So my little princess is like a fresh clean breeze in her stripey jersey and her pink trenchcoat between all the filthy hobos this morning. Although there were less hobos than what I expected – I think it is just too cold!

On another note – I washed my hair this morning after 63 hours with the Brazilian treatment in. It is supposed to stay in for 72 hours but I really started to look like Suzy from Agter Elke Man with my dirty oily strands of hair. Well the results are mind blowing, I just dried my hair this morning – no brushes, no GHD – NADA, NOTHING and it is straight and not a frizzy strand in sight! Wonderful – once again thank you so much L!!!

And then I got an order for some beanies – hooray – I have another project for knitting – I have to knit a pink one and a purple one!

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5 Responses to Hobo day

  1. rochelle.barrish says:

    Hahaha, love it!

  2. mamasnich says:

    Hehehehehe so much for the hobo idea. But that was a good idea by the way.

  3. AyDee says:

    Lil Diva :). I imagine my BebeLuv reacting similar, as at her tender age she’s already aware of her dolled up self and hogs the mirror

  4. LinFlin says:

    Ag jy is so oulike Tannie Zoo!

  5. LinFlin says:

    Wil net weer se dankie dat jy so oulike Tannie ZOO is en nie so aaklig is soos ander tannies wat ek ken nie!!!!

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