Which platform?

I didn’t realise until now that I can actually change my platform to launch my blog from. I thought it was just something that is done automatically when you set up a blog.

Well I was wrong and now I wonder if I should change my platform from letterdash to something else, but what? Parent24 (since I’m a mom), Health24 (since I’m a nut when it comes to running) or Women24 (because after all I’m a woman) or maybe I should just leave it as it is.

Goodness I need to get out of this cold winter, post Comrades blues funk. Last night whilst baking all those cupcakes I’ve also realised that I’m running a half marathon in August. It is quite a special half marathon because it is in the Kruger National park and one of a kind. I better be fit for it because I don’t want to compete against a lion! 🙂

Then there is also the wild run in September. Now that is a horse of another colour! It is a 3 day event in the Transkei and you run 112 kilometers over the 3 days. I’m really scared and excited about this one because this is now a whole new adventure and challenge.

So I need to sort out this baby sitting lark for the next 3 weeks and get running! I really do not want to be last and have everybody wait for me at the end of each leg during the Wild run.

Actually hubby is off- sick so he can baby sit tonight. So I can do 4 kilometers tonight.

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2 Responses to Which platform?

  1. rbh says:

    good luck with the running.

  2. SuritaBotha says:

    Thanks for visiting Ruth. Luckily running is not really a chore anymore but more a way of life for me!

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