Cupcakes and Zoe

I started reading a book about cupcakes last night and I had to stop reading, before I felt I was ready to sleep and when I still wanted to read. So last night I dreamt about cupcakes the whole night. I don’t know if I can really call it dreaming because I was aware of my surroundings the whole time as well, the fire crackling, the cat snoring, hubby rolling around and coughing and the water from the fish pond outside gurgling. Yes and it all irritated me to no end.

Well the awareness of cupcakes was completely mad. I was baking the strangest combinations, and I was opening a cupcake cafe and I was tasting it and decorating it and eating it and training other people in the art of cupcake making. So needless to say – I’m extremely tired from all the baking that went on last night and I don’t want to face another cupcake!!!

And then onto another Zoe trick. Everyday Hubby leaves early and every day I have the battle of Waterloo on my hands to get Zoe ready for school. We fight about the choice of clothes, the hairstyle, brushing her teeth, brushing her hair. Hubby decided to work from home today and I thought that at long last he would be able to see what I go through every morning.

Well guess what – Zoe woke up with a smile on her face, chose her own clothes, dressed herself – very eccentric but hey she is warm and dressed, did not cry once while I brushed her hair and brushed her teeth without putting up a fuss!

How the hell did this happen? Hubby is now convinced that I’m a complete drama queen and the princess is an absolute angel!!

Let me get back to work.

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One Response to Cupcakes and Zoe

  1. LinFlin says:

    I know that feeling. G kan ook nie verstaan hoekom ek soms so moun nie…want die kids is dan stroopsoet…

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