Trumped by a 4 year old!

I have about 10 million things on my mind at the moment.  I have to plan everything for our long long weekend in the bundus – make sure I pack everything we need.  There will be no convenient Gateway shopping centre this time to stock up on forgotten pajamas and panties.  Not that I bought the panties in the end but you get the idea.

So I’ve been making lists in my head the whole day, then take in account that I sat in a stupid meeting arguing about a silly journal entry for 90 minutes OUTSIDE my working hours when I should’ve been with Zoe and getting some things done on my list.

So obviously I was in a bit of a flat spin.  After running around the whole afternoon, I sank down on the couch in front of the fire and the TV to take 60 minutes of rest time watching Masterchef Australia – yes I love it and I’m addicted BUT it is the only thing I watch on TV at the  moment.

And that is when Zoe started, whining, talking, misbehaving, crying, talking, being mean to me, complaining that I’m always watching Masterchef and she can’t watch “KinderTV” (Disney Junior or Ceebeebies), did I mention she was whining and talking.

Well I lost it completely and started to shout at her and tell her she is shelfish and blah blah blah blah.  She started to cry and she was send to her room.  When hubby came home he could almost touch the atmoshpere between Zoe and myself it was so thick!!

Well in the end I thought I tell her that she is not allowed to watch TV at all for the rest of the night as punishment.  She stood in front of me and I could see the gears going in her mind and she then asked me when she can watch TV again, I said tomorrow and she said OK and happily skipped off to play with her dolls in her room. 

I was left with my mouth hanging open thinking that she should at least be a little upset not to be allowed to watch TV, it should be a punishment and she does not even look a little bit upset.  HUH?

On another note – I always feel a bit put out when we go on these weekends away.  We have a divorced friend and he is always brings his two kids.  Nothing wrong with that but what upsets me is that he does not plan in advance and make sure they have enough snacks and colddrinks etc.  So I always have to buy extra to make up the shortfall – I don’t want to see kids go without and if Zoe has a packet of chips or a colddrink I can’t not give to the other kids as well.  So my grocery bill ahead of a weekend is always gigantic because I buy for 3 kids instead of 1.  Is that unreasonable of me?  Am I a stingy old cow?  I really do feel bad feeling like this.

Enough – got to do a flow chart!

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One Response to Trumped by a 4 year old!

  1. LinFlin says:

    Jy moet slim wees. Die man is sommer net dig verby. Maak ‘n voorstel “kind suggestion” van jou kant af dat jy die lekkergoed, sap en tjippies vir die kinders sal gaan koop vir die lang naweek en dan kan jy dit apart van die groceries koop, die slippie hou en dan moet hy twee derdes van die onkostes vir jou terug betaal! Glo my ek weet waarvan ek praat. Dis soos wanneer die kinders in sekere mense se deel van die vakansie net in die oggende by my huis “gedrop” word (in hul pj’s, hare nie gekam nie, ontby nog nie gegee nie) en ek moet vir alles sorg, van ontbyt, tot middag ete en snacks en meeste van die tyd aandete ook en hulle word gebad voor hulle weer opgelaai word…maar daar sal nie eers ‘n pak viennas of ‘n sap of suigstokkie saamgestuur word nie en nog minder word my bediende betaal…needless to say, ek het dit nou stop gesit. Ek is nie ‘n hotel nie…al is dit my eie vlees en bloed! Of jy betaal of jy maak ‘n ander plan. You have to be cruel to be kind…

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