Joyous pain and temptation

Yes I’m in pain, every single movement makes me cringe and an explosive OUCH will leave my lips.  How is it possible that everything can be so sore.  I’m supposed to be fit and strong!!  But alas I knew this was waiting for me but it is such a joy to experience all these lactic acid build up pains.

I went to the gym yesterday.  Please do not make the mistake of thinking that I’m a stranger in the gym,  however in the 5 months before Comrades I do not really spend a lot of time in the gym.  Purely because of all the people there (read germ factories) and because I do not want to risk an injury whilst doing any strenght exercises.

So from January to May I go to the gym to run on the treadmills when I have not other option, be it rain or cold or time or lack of a babysitter.

I do love doing my strenght exercises and that is what I did yesterday.  A few stomach muscle exercises, and push ups and back exercises and then playing around with Zoe in the studio.

Zoe is such a feature in the gym that we are now allowed to take her into the studio when it is empty to play and exercise with us.  The gym employees know that she is under strict supervision of two adults and therefore she is allowed over weekends when the gym is quiet to build her own exercise course!!

It was such fun yesterday – she would lay out her exercise course and then hubby and myself will take turns to do her course with her and the other one will do some real exercises.  Amazing fun and great family time.

It was such an eye opener to me yesterday.  I really felt like a novice in the gym – I’ve forgotten my normal routine completely and I could not do anything and the things that I could remember was so extremely hard.  Amazing that I got so weak in such a short period of time – even though I was training so hard.

And then the temptation – the treadmills were whispering to me, calling their windsong for me to come and run on them, the stepper where winking and glinting, begging me to jump on and climb 70 flights of stairs.  The studio floor invited me to do some squats and lunges with a medicine ball but I resisted because I know my legs are not ready for serious training yet.  This knowledge was confirmed when I rolled my leg muscles on one of the foam rollers in the gym.  I squeeled with pain, it was absolutely excruciating but also so good because it was like a deep tissue massage.

So a wonderful 2 hours were spend in the gym with a body getting back into action and Zoe learning to treat her body with respect and how to keep it fit and healthy.

Ohh did I mention that I hula-hooped for about 10 minutes and that I’m very proud that I can still do!!

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2 Responses to Joyous pain and temptation

  1. seanwilson250470 says:

    ” the treadmills were whispering to me”Temptation you say? We understand the word very differently… lolI’ve got loads of respect for your lifestyle – it’s fantastic

  2. SuritaBotha says:

    Hee hee Sean – I suppose we all struggle with temptation! :-)Thanks for visiting

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