Yesterday was spend inspecting and prodding everything that is bothering me and looking at ways to solve some of the issues.

Well first on the list was how sick I’m feeling – I am on antibiotics and I should just wait to allow it to do the job and then I’ll feel better.  In the mean time I can help some of the symptoms with some nosespray and panando.  That did the trick and I really do feel better this morning.

The tired thing.  I actually believe that the more you do the more energy you have so I took that approach with me yesterday to home.   The moment I got home I started to work – bringing in the fire wood for the fire, getting the fire going, getting a load of washing in the machine, organise another load to go in after the first load.  Getting the house to look a bit neater by picking up dishes and clothes strewn all over.  Hubby and Zoe is from the school of thinking that any place is a washing basket!!

At one stage Zoe looked at me and said to me that I’m working too hard!  Well good – that is what I wanted to do.  So I whizzed around the house doing lots of things and because I was so busy I didn’t even feel the cold.

However once everything was done it was only 4 in the afternoon and then I started to cook.  After the red jelly and the meatballs and spagetthi I still had some time left and this is what I did then:

Chocolate cake with Bailey’s chocolate ganache in the middle and sweetened whipped cream on top.  Does not look like much but taste devine.

And then chocolate cupcakes with caramel condensed milk as icing.

And then I painted my toe nails to hide all the damage that Comrades wreaked on my toes!!!

And today I do feel much better. 

And I’ve promised myself a fun workout session in the gym once my antibiotics are finished.

Viva le movement and staying busy Viva!!

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