Weather and missing post

Just lost a whole post about me complaining about the weather and making a comparison between winters in England and South Africa.

Not going to post the whole thing again so here is the compressed version.

England – colder, wetter and more miserable, winter last for 8 months.  Coping better with winter there because everything is geared towards cold weather.

South Africa – winter last for 3 months.  Not coping as well because the buildings and clothes are not designed for very cold weather.

South Africa better!!!!

Me:  Hate winter, hate being cold, turning into a blob wanting to do nothing but sit and try and keep warm.  Very miserable at the moment because I’m cold, I’m sick and I can’t exercise  AND Hubby is going to Greece and Morocco!

Over and out…

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2 Responses to Weather and missing post

  1. Book_Ends says:

    Not nice weather at all…Quite unusual so much rain in June.Suppose it was sent to us by those capetonians..:)

  2. SuritaBotha says:

    Capetonians should keep their bad weather to themselves!!!Perfect reading weather though!

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