A wonderful blog

This is from http://www.kindbirds.blogspot.com/ – what an amazing blog about life and running!  Running is not just about finishing Comrades and training for Comrades but also about the sheer joy of being outside when the rest of the world is sleeping…

This is a quote from her blog and I can absolutely relate to it – she is just so much better at explaining it than I am:

What I Love About Running
It is when I feel closest to God and His presence – I hear Him laughing and singing a lot when I run.
It is when I feel the most “me” that I am – the truest to my self I was created to be. 
I love the beauty and wonder of being outdoors and I love the “secrets” I carry all day of gorgeous things I have seen. It gives me awe. 
It gives me incredible energy – way more than I ever expend. It makes me strong. It gives me the gift of feeling beautiful. 
It gives me health and encourages more health in other areas of my life, too. It teaches me to treasure and listen to my body. It honours intuition as a valid language of the soul.
It’s fun! Jumping over branches and getting muddy is playing. 
It’s doing something beautiful for my family. 
It has a ripple effect of enjoyment. 
My kids. It changes my relationship with my kids in innumerable ways. I’m an example, I’m available, I have breath and ability – all things that creates deeper relationship with children.
And most recently – I get to be with such incredible women, my friends. 
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