Confusion reigns

I really didn’t think I’ll have a chance to blog before Comrades but here I am.  Hubby and the friend that is our taxi driver tomorrow has gone to the rugby and I’m all alone in the flat.  I suppose I better start on that carbo loading spagetthi bolognaise and roasted potatoes but the energy is lacking.

To get back to the heading of my post – confusion really reigns at the  moment.

When I packed for the weekend in Durban my head must have completely left the building because I packed like a complete idiot.  Luckily I packed my running stuff more than a week ago and it seems although sanity still prevailed because I have everything I need for tomorrow.

But for the rest of this weekend I was really not thinking.  Two pairs of boots – yes two but no trousers only shorts and calve length pants!  Quite a statement maker to wear boots with shorts!  Two pairs of running shoes and my recover flip-flops – the ugliest things in the world and no proper sandals.  This is however not the worst of it!

I packed one panty and pair of pajamas!!!  For four days and nights!!!!   At least I had a panty in reserve in my running bag but two panties are still not enough.

So yesterday I went shopping in Gateway for pajamas and panties.  I came home with a duvet cover for Zoe’s bed and a scarf and socks and TWO pajama tops and no bottoms and no panties!!  So now I’m washing one and wearing one and once the clean one is dry I swop!

Goodness I really do hope this porridge brain will be gone by tomorrow this time.  It is worse than being pregnant!

Well my blog friends in 12 hours time I should be on the road and hopefully in 24 hours I’m done with a sub 11 hour medal in my grubby sweaty little paw.

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One Response to Confusion reigns

  1. fitnesseditor says:

    So how did it go?? Dying to hear. Well done for doing it, I was watching it on TV yesterday and I must say I don’t think I’ll ever be brave enough to attempt it. But hats off to you for doing it!!!

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