This, that and the other

OK I’m now officially a nervous wreck.  My stomach has butterflies in it, I want to cry at everything and I’m drinking water by the gallon.  The water bottle is standing next to me laughing at me because I just can not face another sip of water but I know that to be well hydrated is crucial.  I’m only wearing my running shoes at the moment because I’m so scared that any other shoe will pinch something or hurt something and I really do not want to stand at the starting line of Comrades on Sunday wishing my feet weren’t so sore.  And then the phantom aches and pains – my  hips are stiff, my ankles are sore and my knees are just completely buggered.  Aaarrggghhhhh – I know I shouldn’t wish my life away but can it please just be next week Monday now.

Zoe is now on a yogurt eating spree.  She eats at least six yogurts a day, I suppose I shouldn’t complain because at least it is healthy and she does need to gain a bit of weight so I’m trying to buy only full fat yogurt.  However she wants to eat it in my bed watching CBeebies and she is spilling yogurt all over the place so I’m sleeping with the smell of strawberry yogurt around me every night!

Yesterday in the car I had the old rock song “I don’t want your money honey, I want your love” playing and Zoe and myself started to sing along and shake our heads and our arms – all in the car.  It was so wonderfull and so priceless to rock with my precious angel in the car, stuck in traffic.  It is really a little moment like that will be stuck in my head as a memory of amazing togetherness.

We had chicken last night and I carefully prepared the chicken this morning to go on bread to make a toasted chicken mayo for myself for lunch at work today.  And guess what in the normal rush to get out of the door this morning I left my lunch at home!  Booo-hoo-hoo I was so looking forward to this homemade toaste chicken mayo.  I absolutely love chicken mayo but the ones in the restaurants just never meet up with my expectations. 

I left the container with the chicken on the kitchen counter so by this afternoon when I go home I’ll have to throw it away.  And now I’m sitting here eating oats that is too hot and undercooked!  (Feeling very sorry for myself) 

That is it for me for today.  Got to get these salaries worked out and paid before we have a downing of tools again!!

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2 Responses to This, that and the other

  1. Sarchasm says:

    Hope you loosen up before Sunday. Pity about the sami though 🙂

  2. SuritaBotha says:

    Thanks Sarchasm – that sami is going to bug me until I make another!

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