Date night

In preparation for the big date.

Ohh before I start that – the lady at work with the suicide tendencies has found a proper job and can now look after herself without help from her husband.

And then back to the date.

Draw a nice warm bath filled with nice smelling Body Shop bubbles

Wash hair and condition – leave conditioner in to ensure soft hair

Shave all the relevant areas – yes there are three areas

Scrub face and put a mask on

Wash with the strongest SAnex soap you can find on the market

Lie back and relax

Rinse off conditioner

Get out of bath and ensure lashing and lashing of the strongest anti-perspirant on the market

Perfume to mask the deodorant and Sanex smell

Moisturise face and body with moisturiser with sunblock in

Blow dry hair and GHD hair to ensure straight, smooth hair

Pack clothes I want to wear on the bed

Pack extras of all the clothes I want to wear on the dressing table’s chair

Make sure the lucky jewellery is ready to put on

Put a nice soft T-shirt on and slide into bed to have a good nights sleep.

The big date is the following morning and it is a date with the Comrades Marathon….

Not long to go now.  All my goodies for the day has been packed and is ready to give to the support team who will be next to the road.

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2 Responses to Date night

  1. LinFlin says:

    Gaan aan jou dink elke tree van die pad!

  2. SuritaBotha says:

    Dankie Linflin! EK waardeer dit vreeslik!

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