Looking back and then suicide talk

So first onto my second favourite topic – Comrades.  Obviously Zoe is my first favourite topic but how often can I say that I love her to bits and that she is the cutest thing in the world and that she is the reason for living!!

Well today I’m having a bit of a down day and I’ve been looking at my training for Comrades.

It just amazes me that a girl who did not do any sport at all at school.  Yes I promise nothing – ohh OK 1500m at the in house sports day in Standard 9 but apart from that nothing could achieve what I’ve achieved.

I’ve ran 950 kilometers since the beginning of January, in that is 2 marathons and 2 ultra marathons.  Some people may say that is not enough but I feel comfortable with that.  That is around 150 kilometers more than what I ran last year in preparation for Comrades.

I’ve bought 3 pairs of running shoes and that is now turning into a major expense because shoes does not come cheap – however the long term benefits of running with the correct shoes outweigh the price.

I’ve been to the physio twice for injuries – that is a 50% improvement on last year.

I’ve been to the doctor only once which is about a 300% improvement from last year.

My shoes has not given me any blisters this year whilst I started Comrades last year with blisters and ended with blisters that is still making people’s eyes water when they recall what my feet looked like after I finished Comrades.

I’ve been to the homeopath trice and I think that was really a turning point in my training, after I’ve been to him everything really just fell into place.

Mentally I know what is waiting for me and that should give me some kind of advantage on last year.

I’ve lost 5 kilograms since the beginning of January and I’m a better seeding batch than last year.

Looking at this list is giving me a bit of a confidence boost for Comrades day but each and every run is unique and nobody can predict how it will go on the day.

And now onto the suicide story.

There is a lady working at the canteen on our premises.  Her husband kicked her out and she is now basically destute.  She lives in a flat in the town centre but can’t afford the place any longer.  She walks to work every day.  So this morning she came into my office and told me that she drank a handful of pills yesterday to commit suicide but it did not work.  She has given up on life and does not want to go on.

I really and honestly do not know how to help this woman – I can not make her my responsibility and I really do not think to give her money will solve the problem.

I’ve given her the phone number for leagalaid to see if they can help her but how much can I make it my responsibility.

And then YES I did vote and I have the mark to prove it!

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3 Responses to Looking back and then suicide talk

  1. Sarchasm says:

    Get her to phone Lifeline… They really do care, or if she won’t, the Salvation army can help.

  2. SuritaBotha says:

    Sarchasm – I’m going to get her that number and see if they can help her.Thanks for the advice

  3. LinFlin says:

    Hi, jy moet asb vir my daai sms nommer en jou nommer gee sodat ons jou can “track” soos laasjaar!

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