11 days!

Aaarrgggghhhhh – I’m kind of playing ostrich at the moment.

Is it really only 11 days to Comrades.  Everbody is asking me if I’m carbo- loading.  No I’m not it is too far away but now I realise it is not that far away – however I have enough carbs haning on my bum and my stomach to carry me through Comrades.

Aaarrggghhhh – 11 days.

Ohh well the master of all runners – Bruce Fordyce always say – “It is better to be undertrained and overweight than overtrained and underweight!”  So I’m perfect and I can also add that I’m going to be well rested – I only ran about 17 kilometers last week for the whole week!

And this week is not going to be much better!!

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3 Responses to 11 days!

  1. atourhouse says:

    I carbo-overload regularly. Hahahaha.I’m holding thumbs for u for the race – trust in your abilities. You can’t go wrong!

  2. SuritaBotha says:

    Yes Mrs C – it is getting closer and closer. In a weeks time we are actually leaving for Durban!

  3. SuritaBotha says:

    Thanks atourhouse. Carboload – yes I love the excuse to have more Flings and Steers chips

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