I’m really really really not a winter person.  I was happiest with the weather whilst living in Durban and the Bahamas – even the sky high humidity and heat of a summers day in Durban could not get me down.

But ohhh my goodness the cold is just too much for me.  I know it is not even really cold in Johannesburg yet but I really just want to hibernate.  I want to sit in my grungy old grey gown on the couch under a blanket with two heaters blowing their warm air in full force on me. 

BUT that is not meant to be because even though it is now only 2 and a half weeks from Comrades I still have to go out each evening and get these cold frozen legs working.  The distances are much shorter and because I want to get out of the cold I run much faster but I still hate every second of it.

Then I have not even mentioned the darkness.  Our municipality has not twigged onto the fact that it is actually getting darker earlier at the moment so at 6 in the evenings when we go out for a run the streetlights are still off and therefore it is pitchblack when we run – not the type of thing that is fun with the notorious potholes and uneven tarmac surface we enjoy in SA.

Goodness what a whingy post but I don’t like winter and I don’t want to run anymore!!  Cry

On a lighter note:

Hubby is away on business at the moment so Zoe is sharing the bed with me.  It was actually quite funny last night.  I was snoozing away whilst she was still watching Mr Maker on CBeeBies.  She woke me once the program was finished to switch off the TV and the lights. 

Goodness she is an involved sleeper.  I really do not know how she sleeps on her own because when she sleeps with me she is actually chasing me around in the bed – always trying to get something on me or over me.  At one stage I woke up last night with her sleeping on the pillows with her head on my chest!  I honestly did not feel the cold last night with that little body all over me!!

I still can not believe that Comrades is just right around the corner.  We are now entering the time where every sneeze is a threat and pneumonia and every little stone and stair is the stuff that is put to there to twist an ankle.

My thoughts are with Caz today who is going to bury her little boy.  I honestly do not know how you survive something like that.

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