What a weekend!

This weekend was just too hectic – I’m still exhausted and I don’t know when I’m going to catch up with all the sleep.

I slept an average of about 5 hours on Friday and Saturday night and that is not nearly enough for me, I’m more of a 9 hours girl and with all the training it must be 9 hours of quality sleep or else I’m a complete zombie!

There are some races on the running calendar that is just completely jinxed for me.  One such race is the race of Saturday.  Two years ago my legs hurt so much that I bailed out of the 25kilometers and only did the 10 kilometer.  Last year the weather was so extremely bad that we did not even go and then this year.  I was so completely ready for my last long run before Comrades and everything was in place to run the 25kilometers.

Well ha-ha-ha, once again it was not meant to be.  When we stopped at the venue I started to vomit and vomit and vomit.  Not a nice feeling when there is nothing in your stomach but an executive deicision was made and I decided not to do the 25kilometer but rather stick with our friend who was doing his first 10 kilometer walk.  So I had to get up at 3 in the morning to go on a slow 10 kilometer walk.  Ohh well it was worth it to support a friend.

Zoe also enjoyed it tremendously because normally when I run with her in the pram I’m always in a hurry but on Saturday there was no need to rush so I allowed her to get out of the pram and run on her own and pick up leaves and look at anything that interests her.  I was quite impressed with her – she basically run 4 kilometers on her own with just a few small rests in the pram.  She did sit in the pram for the last 6 but I could see that she got a bit restless – 2 hours is a very long time for a small child.

Well all in all it was a good albeit extremely slow walk and he finished in the allocated time of sub 2 hours.  I was so proud of him because this man is BIG – really big and it was an ambsolutely amazing feat for him to finish this 10 kilometer.  He was so sore afterwards but it was a rewarding sore.

So I had to get up early AGAIN on Sunday morning to try and catch up on the lost kilometers of Saturday – did a slow 20 with the club and it was a nice run with no pressure.

Apart from all the running we went out for dinner on Friday night with friends and had the abovementioned walking friend over on Saturday night for a Chinese braai.  And then I obviously had to cook for my mom on Sunday afternoon. So my house is a complete disaster area and I’m exhausted.

I told Hubby that I want to go out for dinner on Tuesday night since I missed out on a lazy Mothers day! 

I think Hubby is a wee bit jealous of my Kindle and he is now promoting the Samsung Pad thingy that you can get on contract from MTN and Vodacom, maybe a good idea for Fathers Day.

However I do not want to think about another special day or occasion at this moment in time.  In three weeks it is all over and I can take a good rest for at least 3 weeks.  I can not wait.

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