Mothers day and freak out!

Freak out – just saw on the side of my blog the countdown to Comrades – yikes it is in 22 days!  What has happened to this year – I can still remember going for my first run at the beginning of January and thinking to myself: “Well this is it – the start of the long long hard journey towards Comrades” and here it is.  All I can do now is rest my legs and try my utmost not to get sick or trip over the cat or the stairs or my own feet.

So with Mothers Day just around the corner Hubby told me to choose between a GHD hairstraightener or a Garmin running watch.

The Garmin running watch is amazing and to be quite honest will be used a lot more than the GHD.  The GHD will be a nice to have but I’m just not really that type of girl.  The Garmin running watch will be used almost every day and it tracks your progress and give you information on each and every run you do – if i’ll be able to master the technology behind it is another question!  My Nike armband just can not cope with the distance and the volumes that I need it for.

Under the influence of L and E I’m trying to put a bit more effort into my looks but I’ve made peace with my extremely difficult frizzy, curly hair.  Since we’ve became friends I actually went out and bought a wee bit of make-up and I’m actually trying to put some on each day.  Even blow drying the hair when there is time and it is not raining and there is not a long run just ahead.

Well on Sunday night E took Zoe and straightened her hair with the GHD – I was amazed at the transformation and especially how long Zoe’s hair actually is.  With all the curls I didn’t realise that her hair is actually now hanging on her bum.

Well I told Hubby that Zoe must choose and let’s just say that all she could get out in her excitement was that Mommy must definitely get that thing for the hair!!!

So it seems although my Mothersday present will be a GHD which I can use to straighten Zoe’s hair! Now somebody just need to teach me how to use the thing and what stuff I need to put in our hair before we use it. 🙂 

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4 Responses to Mothers day and freak out!

  1. SuritaBotha says:

    Dankie Maankind – ek gaan dit bietjie lees.Dalk kan ek dit download op my Kindle! 🙂

  2. Maankind2 says:

    Ek het ‘n liefdesvehouding met my Kindle!

  3. SuritaBotha says:

    Ek het nou net geskryf oor my verslawing aan my Kindle!

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