Hello, my name is Lotus and I’m an addict

Yes I have a confession to make.  Since I’ve bought my Kindle about two weeks ago my hunger for reading has turned into a monster that can not be fed enough.

I’m basically on the amazon website every day and I’m buying books everyday.  They just make it so easy to buy, just one click and within seconds the book is downloaded on your Kindle.

My Kindle goes everywhere I go and I snatch every second to read just a little bit more.  Ohh why did they not have Kindles when I lived in England and had to endure a train journey of an hour every day – imagine the amount of books I could’ve read then.

It is also turning me into a bad mother – every afternoon I park Zoe in front of the TV to watch CBbees and I read!  The Kindle has turned me into a monster!

But now my hunger has turned into greed.  I get extremely upset when I can’t buy a book I want.  I so want to read the two new Bryce Courtenay’s – he must be one of my favourite authors in the whole world.  However the amazon website that I’m allowed to buy from does not have it.  The UK website have the books for Kindle but not the .com site. 

I am a bit challenged when it comes to technology and I don’t know how to convince the .co.uk website to sell these books to me.

Ohhh woe on me.  I have literally hundreds of thousands of books to choose from on the Amazon website but I WANT the ones I can not have.

Imagine Hubby’s horror if I still waltz into the house with a bag full of books that I wanted to read but could not buy for my Kindle.  There goes my whole justification for buying the Kindle – that it will be cheaper in the long run.

I suppose I can wait until these books are released on Kindle but I DON’T want to wait, I want if NOW!!!

And then just a last little bit – Hubby is convinced that I treat my Kindle like a baby.  Yes I haven’t bought a cover just yet – I’m still contemplating if I want one with a light in or just a very snazzy pink leather cover but in the mean time I lovingly wrapping my Kindle in it’s special pink Buff when I’m finished reading.

I wonder if I have to choose between my two latest gadgets – my Blackberry and my Kindle – which one will come out tops.  I can’t choose.

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4 Responses to Hello, my name is Lotus and I’m an addict

  1. Maankind2 says:

    Ons is absolute voëls van eerderse vere. Ek het ook ‘n nuwe BB en nuwe Kindle.Hier is hope gratis boeke vir jou, http://letterdash.com/book_endsmaar as jy is die toekoms boeke bestel, gebruik tog groot asseblief hierdie skakel in die kolom regs:http://leeskring.lefora.com/(Ek kry kommissie)

  2. SuritaBotha says:

    Ek sal so maak Maankind. Altyd lekker om ‘n mede blogger te help.

  3. youunlimited says:

    I love my Kindle to bits but so far have had to excercise tremendous self restraint and have only bought non-fiction books on it. I’ve committed to read my pile of paper books that I got for Xmas and birthday before buying fiction on it. I fear once I do I won’t be able to put it down either.

  4. SuritaBotha says:

    Hi Cams – thanks for visiting.I’m ashamed to say that I’ve spend R600 on books since I’ve bought my Kindle. I need to apply the brakes now but it is just so much fun!

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