Easter Weekend

Easter weekend this year was a period that I was looking forward to tremendously but also a time that I was dreading.

We were flying down to Cape Town for the weekend to run Two Oceans and to spend some time with friends and family.  However we decided to leave Zoe with Ouma in Johannesburg because it just made sense.  It was the first time ever that I was apart from her for  more than one day.  I was absolutely dreading it.  I knew she would be ok but the question was if I would be ok.

Well the Two Oceans ultra marathon went absolutely FANTASTIC.  We were blessed with the most amazing weather – sunny but cool with just a hint of a breeze – absolutely perfect for running.  The atmosphere and the support from the people next to the road makes this a race that I’ll try and go back to year after year.  The scenery running up Chapmans peak and standing still there for a few precious seconds to appreciate the view and thank God for the blessing of running was just out of this world.

There were so many people for Gauteng running the Ultra that I almost felt like I was running at home – that is now apart from the scenery and all the hills.  Here on the East rand we have mine dumps to look at and not too many hills to run. 🙂 Hats off to the Two Oceans organisers – you did a sterling job.

And well done to L – my friend who finished her first half marathon at Two Oceans and still had the energy to party until 2 the next morning.  Apologies for being such a party pooper and fading at about 8 the evening of the race – however my poor old body just had enough at that stage – 56 km’s is not easily done.

Do you people living in Cape Town actually appreciate the views and the beauty around you?  Is it possible to get used to such majestic beauty?

My time at Two Oceans?  6 hours and 25 minutes.  For me that is an excellent time especialy since I was planning to come in just under 7 hours.  So I’m very chuffed with myself and have a bit more confidence in my running abilities and fitness for Comrades.

Zoe had a wonderful time at Ouma and did not want to come to me when we arrived at the airport.  I did not feel too bad about it because it shows that she was happy and loved at Ouma.

And time is flying by so quickly that all of this has happened almost two weeks ago.

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