Stripped down

Everytime I get ready to run I’m brought under the enormous realisation about how full our lives are and how much luggage we carry around with us – emotionally and physically.  When I run I can only carry what I can put in my pocket in my shorts or the little bags I carry around my waist on long runs, even my beloved Blackberry must stay at home because the mere idea of carrying such a heavy phone with me for 56 or 89 kilometers makes me tired.

Emotional luggage makes for a harder run because unhappy and negative thoughts translate into heavy tired legs and hard breathing.

How incredibly wonderful will it be if we can put some of our luggage down and leave it at home before we enter the daily race of life?  However that will not include my Blackberry – Laughing

So what do I take on my runs, this is a list of things that I can not and will not run a marathon or longer with, this obviously excludes the clothes and shoes!

1.  Rehidrate – 1 sachet for every expected hour on the road.

2.  Lip Ice – my normal brand as well as a brand with sunblock in.

3.  Myprodols – this must be my best friend on the road – takes away all the aches and pains – however not advisable to use.

4.  Some kind of energy sweet or gel – once again – one for each hour on the road.

5.  1 R100 note – just in case.

6.  My buff – to start as a head and neck covering against the cold and later to wipe the sweat.

7.  My Nike armband so I can download my runs on Facebook later as well as normal sport watch to check my times.

8.  A flower sticker that Zoe gave me once – just a reminder of my precious child.

9.  Sunglasses

10.  Hat or in my case a peak to keep the sun out of my eyes.

And that is that – all I need for a whole day of running apart from the water and coke provided on the run. 

How amazing is it that we can actually get by with so little.  And remember I’m a spoiled advantaged runner – there are some people that will run without anything apart from their shoes, shorts, shirts and socks and some of them won’t even have socks!!

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