Piccies and other weekend news

Goodness what miserable weather did we have this weekend.  However I could not allow it to interfere with my running and I ran a 21 kilometer training run in cold, wet conditions.  However it was not the worst of the running – I’m not going to gross you all out with the other worsenesses (own word), suffice to say that I had to find a garage ASAP and I wasted 10 minutes there.  Enough said.  The rest of the race was cold and miserable and I ran under pressure the whole time because of the 10 minutes lost at the garage. 

Let’s hope and pray for better weather next week in Cape Town for the 2 Oceans marathon.  I’m soooooo looking forward to it.  Not just the weekend spend with friends but also the run – yes I know it is insane to look forward to a 56 km run but I really am – I suppose it is because I’ve decided that I’m not going to put any pressure on myself – this is really just a long training run in preparation for Comrades.

Then some piccies:

This is Zoe with straight hair.  Yes I know I’m mad and have too much time on my hands but shame, the poor kid.  I know how it felt to have these incredibly wild curly hair so I thought I’ll let her have some straight hair.  It was actually so funny because she kept on flinging this straight hair over her shoulder and looking at us with her head tilted to one side.  What a natural flirt.  And then I had to laugh at her school this morning – it is picture day at her school and all the little girls had their hair in curls, why is it that we can never be happy with our hair.  All those mommies with little girls with straight hair spend the whole morning getting their hair to curl.  I washed Zoe’s hair and it is all curls anyway – especially with the damp weather we have at the moment.

This is the boots that Ouma bought her:

Because I bought myself these boots:

We are going to eat bread and water for the rest of this month – boots, kindle and the trip to Cape Town has left me completely bankcrupt!!!!  Maybe I should’ve rather bought a tumble dryer – ours is on the blink and takes about 7 hours to semi-dry a load of washing!  Ohhh well hopefully this was the last of the rainy weather until summer.

And then a question?  How do I get the smell of vomit out of the car? 

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