Today I feel so extremely sad for all the women out there that is trying to conceive.  Women who will do antyhing and everything to just fall pregnant and hold a baby in their arms. 

To fall pregnant should be such an easy natural thing but it just seems to me that I’m surrounded by women who are trying and women who has tried their whole lives and has now given up or are just plain too old.

Women who has given up on other passions in the hope that giving up on something that can be harmful to a successful pregnancy or even prevent them from falling pregnant will have the desired effect. 

Women who thought they did not want to have children but once they have decided to have children and it is not happening feel although their whole world is coming to an end and start to obsess about it.

I feel so sad about this because I can emphatise with this.  To be in control of your body and to be able to command it do what you want it to do and then to all of a sudden have that control taken away must be afwul.

I’m trying to put myself in their shoes and I can just imagine how it must feel to have your monthly period each month and it is just another sign of failure. 

And then you have people that already have 3 children.  The one little girl has lice, the school has send numerous letters to the house asking the parents to treat her hair and nothing happens.  The teacher asked the children who bathes them and they say nobody and they have to do it themselves.  People who do not pay any bills and neglect their children and then she falls pregnant again AND it is a planned pregnancy.  How is it possible, how is it allowable.  It seems like a cosmic joke.

These people has nothing to offer a child but the women I know that is not falling pregnant can offer a child everything.  I don’t understand.

God works in strange ways. 

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