Every day with Zoe brings me more and more under the impression how much God wants us to learn from children.  I know we are the adults and it is our job to teach children manners, skills, reading, writing and arthymitic BUT the things we learn from kids are so instinctive.

This morning she woke up really really early and immediately she was happy and full of life and was just grabbing the day by the horns with a joyful attitude and a song in her heart.  How many of us can say that we get up in the mornings with such an attitude.  Isn’t it better to get up and decide that we are going to be joyful about this day than to be grumpy.  Is anything going to change if we are grumpy – I think things may change for the better if we are joyous and not grumpy.

Then a child’s ability to just forgive.  It is impossible for them to hold grudges, I can shout and scream at her now and within minutes it is all forgiven and she would come and hug me and tell me she loves me.

And what about the way the absolutely live everything to the fullest.  If they are happy they laugh and when they are sad they cry and when they are hungry they eat.  The do not hold back and there is no reserves and walls to hide behind.  What you see is what you get.

I know it is difficult to keep on living life like a child due to some smacks that you may have recieved from life and inherent shyness or reserves or even life’s circumstances but how wonderful will it be if all of us can take some of the teachings that we see in front of us every day and use it to become more happy as adults.

Thank you dear God for the gift of a child in my life who can enrich me so much and teach me so much.

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