The craving for anything milk related has not stopped yet.  The latest was for milktart.  Luckily Woollies has one of their R100 deals at the moment and that includes a milktart.  Perfect opportunity to sort out dinner and have milktart I thought.  Well obviously I did not leave Woollies with only R100 worth of stuff but hey what can a girl do – the food and treats were just too tempting.

Well let me tell you that must have been the worts milktart I ever had in my life.  It did not taste of anything – the custard was just bland and there was definitely not enough cinnamon on top.

So I approached my good friend Google and got a recipe for a milk tart that is “baked” on the stove.  This was now a proper milktart and my craving for milk was quenched for a little bit.  This recipe made so much that I actually brought some to work and it does seem to lift the spirits a little bit.

So once again homemade is better.  And Zoe loved being involved with all the measuring and stirring!!

My craving for tonight is for meatballs and spagetthi – I wonder if I could dare to buy the woolworths meatballs and if I should just make my own.  I think homemade may be better so – Google my friend here I come again.

Quick run update.

237 km’s for March – this is really not bad since I was off with an injury for 5 days.

Shame I feel so sorry for a friend of mine.  She is way way more dedicated than me when it comes to running and she really runs every day even the day after a marathon.  She has averaged 13 kilometers a day every day since beginning of January.  And now she has a severe foot injury and it may just keep her out of Comrades.  The worst of all is that she did not injure herself whilst running but while she was doing Irish dancing.  Poor soul – I do hope and pray that she can recover before Comrades.

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