Fighting with the municipality, fighting with the letting agents and now fighting with the tyre place that sold us tyres that’s not round.  Yes WTF – tyres that is not round – how does that happen?  At R2,000 a tyre this is one fight that I’m not letting slip – even if I have to go and camp there for a week.

Fight fight fight – a nice normal day in South Africa.

Anyway moving swiftly along – running is a bit of a mad juggling act at the moment.  My mom is on holiday and I normally just drop Zoe off at her house and I can then go and do the running thing.  The only time I have now to run is smack bang right in the middle of the day.

My choices for running in the middle of the day is either running on the treadmill in the gym or choosing on of the numerous enclosed neigbourhoods in my area and running for an hour and fifteen minutes in the heat of the day in one of those.  The reason for the choice of enclosed neighbourhoods is obviously the safety issue

Monday I chose the treadmill – after 3 kilometers evertything was hurting and I was bored out of my mind.  I lasted another 3 kilometers and called it a day.

Yesterday I chose the enclosed neigbourhood since it was a bit overcast and therefore not so hot.  I ran up and down and down and up and left and right in that neigbourhood.  At one stage the security car actually followed me.  I’m sure some concerned neighbour asked them to come and check up on this insane woman running past their house for the 5th of 7th time.    Must be sure I’m doing a recce to come and break into their house.  Well I managed 11 kilometers and that was good.  I also managed to sneak in another 4kilometers last night by asking the chairman of our club’s wife and daughter to watch Zoe for me.  So 15 for the day – good day.

Today I have to once again make the decision – small neigbourhood run or the treadmill.  The other option is to run up and down the pedestrian bridge going over the highway in one of those enclosed neighbourhoods.  This will give me a bit of a hill workout.  Anyway that is to be worried about at 1 this afternoon.

Other news:

Immature neigbours decided to ring our gate bell at 10:30 last night.  First two times I ignored it and the third time which was at about 11 I just got up, had a look to see nobody at the gate and then unplugged the bell in the house.  How stupid can people be?  The first time I had such a fright I basically woke up standing next to the bed.  The second and third time I was just dozing off to be woken by the bell.   That was the end of my sleep for the night because I was fuming and plotting a revenge plan against these stupid people.  Hubby was blissfully unaware and snoring away.

Zoe got such cute sneakers yesterday – will post a piccie tomorrow.

Not getting a salary this month – company has no money and I really think I’m going to be out of a job by the end of May.  What I’m going to do then is an open question but I’m absolutely sure that God has a plan and I should just be patient.

And that is the end of this completely confuzzled post with no rythm or rhyme.

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2 Responses to Life

  1. bibibapka says:

    Hope the day goes quickly for you 🙂

  2. SuritaBotha says:

    Thank you BiBi

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