Yesterday when I got home our electricity was cut off.  Now we have been having a bit of a dispute with the municipality and they were supposed to credit our account with a massive amount in November.  Well obviously this never happened and that was why they’ve cut our electricity.

So I was fuming about it, when to the post office and there it was, the bill from the municipality with the massive amount still one.

I went to pick up Zoe and told her that we are going somewhere and that mommy is going to shout at the people there.

This precious child of mine then told me that I should pray and ask God for strenght.  That was a message straight from God and I complied and by last night the electricity was restored and I’m now just waiting for the credit note.

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One Response to Strenght

  1. vevean says:

    oh nice, listening to God helps.enjoy being in the

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