Last hours of your life

I just read the article on News 24 about the father and daughter that was killed in a car accident.  Firstly it has really shook me because the mom was in the car as well has survived with some injury to her right arm, how does a woman survive such a blow and especially the survivor guilt?

But what really got me completely shaken up is that those people were at the same race than me on Saturday.  The mother and daughter has ran the ultra marathon – 50 kilometers and then they left the venue to go home and on the trip back home they were in this horrific accident.

This has however made me think how I would like to spend my last few hours on earth and to be quite honest I can not think of a better way to spend it than to do an Ultra Marathon with my daughter.  I so hope that the mom and the daughter that has died in the car accident has spend some of this race running together.

Running with somebody you love on such a long distance makes the road feel shorter but it is also the time that you talk about things that you normally do not have time because of all the other many mundane things to organise and discuss.

Running an ultra breaks down all barriers and boundaries and some really meaningful and true conversations can be had.  I really do hope that this mom and daughter has some time together which would be there last race together.

A few weeks ago a runner from Lenasia died in the arms of a girl that runs with us.  She was completely cut up about this and was blaming herself because she could not help him and save him. However this man – he was in his 60’s had a massive heart attack and there was nothing anybody could do for him.  However she was there for him and gave him comfort in the last minutes of his life.  What a brave girl to act like this in such at such a horrific time.  Afterwards his family phoned her and thanked her for her compassion and caring and they told her that his wish has been to do die on the road whilst doing something he absolutely loves.

And this has led me to realise once again why I run.  I know I’ve been questioning my motives in the past few weeks due to overtraining and tiredness.  But now once again I realise – I love running and it is good for the soul and the mind and I want to keep doing it with friends and family and hopefully one day Zoe when she is big enough.  I want to keep on experiencing this suffering and joy with strangers along the road.  Where there is no colour, age or cultural differences – just us, the road and joy but also the suffering.

Rest in peace Kobus and Carolien, I hope you have lots of space to run where you are now.

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