I’ve survived the 50 kilometer run on Saturday and was out on the road again on Monday for a short 5.5kilometer warm up and to get the lactic acid out and the joints working again.

However this post is about the conversations going on in my head after a long long run like that.  Remember it took me about 6 hours so I was on the road running and walking for 6 hours – that is really a very very long time.

I’m not going to bore you with the detail of hobbling to the car with sore feet or driving home but having to lift my leg with my hands from the petrol to the brake because my leg muscles could not do it.  Luckily the car is an automatic.

This is more from the time I got into the bath until I was in the bed.  This is the thougths that was flying through my head.

Ahhh warm water, ooohhhh this feels so good but hey wait a minute was this bath always so hard and why can’t I reach the taps with my toes anymore did I shrink.  AAAAAhhhhhh cramp in my toe cramp in my toe.  Just sink back in the water.  Just relax and wash everything.  Ouch ouch ouch salt from my hair in my eyes – ouch it is burning, the salt is burning my eyes.

OK lets get out and get in the bed for a well deserved snooze.  How do I normally get out of the bath.  Who’s idea was it to buy a bath without handles – how do I get out?  OK let’s grab the tap – ouch ouch ouch the tap is still hot and I’m sure the tap has moved off centre as well.  OK I’m upright.  But wait a minute how do I lift my leg to get out of the bath?  Why is my leg not listening to my brain.

OK lets sit on the edge and swing my legs, swing, swing?  How do you do that?  OK lets just lift the legs one by one with your hands.  OK I’m out of the bath.

Take a towel and dry yourself.  How do I reach my calves and feet?  I can’t bend down to them and they don’t want to lift to come to my hands.  Never mind the carpet can dry my feet. 

Now for some clothes.  Panty – oh no – panty need to lift my leg.  Not happening.  OK lets tilt to the one side and hope my foot will lift from the ground.  Ohhh hell now I’ve tilted to far and has fallen against the cupboard and still both my feet are on the ground.  Maybe sit down – ohh no wait then I must get up again.

Ahh who needs a panty?  Now a bra – uhhmmm mabye not the underwire will just rub against the chafe marks from my sports bra.  I think a T-shirt will be enough cover for today.

Three stairs to the bed – how do I manage that?  OK hold onto the wall and take the stairs step by step.  Fall onto bed but hey wait a minute my legs did not come with, they are still firmly stuck on the floor.  OK lift them by hand one by one on the bed.

Ahhh I’m lying down.  Ouch ouch ouch the duvet is hurting the tops of my toes.  OK turn on your side?  How do you do that again.

Arrgghhhh ouch ouch OK I’m on my side but now my hips hurt.  Let’s just close my eyes and drift off. 

OUCH and rerunning the race and not sleeping.

Why do I do it again?

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3 Responses to Pain

  1. JessieR says:

    CAUSE YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!And yes I meant to shout.*shouting teef*

  2. SuritaBotha says:

    Thank you Puffy. Yes there must be some awesomeness to survive and keep going on something like that.

  3. JessieR says:

    There is that awesomeness. And then there is the awesomeness that is just you.Never doubt it gf.Hugs ne.

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