Nope – not going there

Let’s just say that I wanted to do a post about losing toenails but after reading through it I decided that it is just waaaaayyyyy to gross and I’ve deleted it.  Suffice to say that I have another toenail coming loose and is on the verge of falling out.

So what is happening apart from gross blog post.  Not much – I still can’t run and I suppose I can go to the gym and do some core body exercises and some stretching but the novelty of staying at home and doing nothing is just too enticing.

I know I’m going to cry later but hey – I’ll try and catch up next week since we have a public holiday which means I can do a nice long run.

Zoe is driving me mad at the moment, she whines and whines and whines.  I wonder is she still has a tone of voice that is not whiney.  I spoke to another mom at school and she says her daugther is exactly the same.  What should I do – just ignore it or do something about it.  Problem is that her whiney voice makes my voice morph into a shouting voice and I hate it when I shout at her but goodness gracious any human being can only take so much of that.

Isn’t the kiddies clothes just too gorgeous for winter.  I bought Zoe a proper trench coat yesterday – it is pink and I can not wait for it to be cold enough for her to wear – she has pink Croc furry boots (goodness I do hope they still fit her) and I ‘ve bought her pink tights with flowers on.  She is going to look adorable.  I do enjoy having a girl I can dress up!

She has now also decided that she wants to cut her hair.  I’m absolutely heartbroken about it because she has such lovely hair and it has been growing since birth.  I’ve only ever trimmed the ends to clean it up.  I suppose it was bound to happen sooner or later but I was hoping for later – when she is about 16!!!!

I told her that she should keep it like it is for winter because it is going to be too cold to have short hair so lets hope that I’ve bought a few extra months for that glorious hair.

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